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In Solidarity: End Genocide in Darfur

The children of Darfur draw their stories of genocide in their country.

Shecodes of Black Women Vote, who was part of the amazing Come Together blogcast with me, Tami,  Adele Nieves and Karla Mantilla a couple of weeks ago, has a great post up with specific ways to act and respond to the horrifying situation in Darfur.  The images of the children and drawings above are from her post, which is part of a larger effort of  “25 Conscious Bloggers … on a Mission to Educate, Motivate and Activate their readers to play their part in ending the genocide in Darfur. We are powerful, our aim is most righteous and we take the rhetoric of Never Again to heart,” which is the brainchild of Danielle Vyas of Modern Musings.  Read, add your voice, act.





8 thoughts on “In Solidarity: End Genocide in Darfur

  1. Thank you so much, Heart! We really appreciate your support, especially in matters as critical as this.

    Posted by Shecodes | April 14, 2008, 6:00 pm
  2. Thank you for adding your might voice to the roar.

    Genocide no more!

    You have harnessed your power potential by furthering education on the genocidal depopulation scheme in Darfur. The precedence must be set in stone, senseless murder is not tolerable at any scale.

    There are many actions that need to be taken. Signatures are needed so that they can be recorded.

    There are several petitions sponsored by Dream for Darfur that can be found at this post.

    In light and love

    Posted by Danielle Vyas | April 14, 2008, 6:36 pm
  3. Hey, Shecodes and Danielle Vyas, you are so welcome. Your energy and hard work is such an inspiration to me, and I’m so glad we’ve connected as bloggers!

    Posted by womensspace | April 14, 2008, 8:20 pm
  4. No child should draw such images. It’s sad that so many think of the world in terms of us and them. We should see all children as ours and be mortified by the things they are subjected to.

    Posted by Nicole | April 15, 2008, 12:11 am
  5. So true, Nicole. In the bottom drawing, there are men with guns, men with bows and arrows, men with swords, then possibly smoke, fire, maybe a bomb. How to even wrap the mind around the fact that children are intimately familiar with these?

    Posted by womensspace | April 15, 2008, 4:03 am
  6. This same thing happened with Vietnamese quilt makers during that war. They reproduced guns, helecoptors, and soldiers, and much was made of this at the time.

    Now weirdly, I run into this Vietnamese tribal group at Renaissance fairs, and now they are selling beautiful quilts with animals on them.

    Children tend to reproduce what they see, both the good and the bad.

    Posted by Satsuma | April 16, 2008, 9:59 pm
  7. I was waiting to see just how many Would comment on this,

    its not just Genocide, its a blatant, HOLOCAUST,

    that is condoned, or supported, tragically by Cultural Relativists, Apologetics to Religious Tyranny, and plain,


    The Genocide in Sudan and Darfur is Deliberate, Ethnic/Religious Cleansing/Forcing the Submission, I’ll leave it at that.

    Its also, occurring [though the media/Western] is silent, in Albania/Kosovo, and will be, the beginnings of what we will see–more to come,

    but warnings of such, are met with disdain, nethertheless,

    let Sudan/Darfur be a lesson to us all, because to ignore it, to remain silent to it [and its Shocking, at how many in left and far left, are blatantly apologetic to what is going on in Darfur, and will NOT even let it be spoken about],.

    The real shame, is that this HOLOCAUST, this Deliberate killing and genocide of those who aren’t of one particular ‘religion’,

    is being done, under the very noses and support, of oil companies, governments [including some of the ones on human right commissions in UN], and the world,

    there is no Never Again,

    because Darfur, IS the NEVER AGAIN.

    And the Agenda/or Final Solution of those Responsible for the Mass Butchering and Mass Rapes/Forced Marriages/Forced Conversions/and particularly,

    taking the non-religion Children and forcing them to be SLAVES, as well as forced Conversions,

    has So much in common with Hitler [and btw, read history, its Amazing, just How much in common these parties have…these agendas, in fact They were in Bed together, Literally–],

    and the fact that its not just in Darfur but Spreading–if not by Forced Conversions/taking of Slaves/Rapes [and its amazingly, what their root agenda that is Sanctioned is], but it is happening in

    Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, and spreading throughout Africa,

    and in Europe, its being done through political MANIPULATION,

    and in America, well,

    it will be done in the most clever way, in the guise of Liberty and Civil Rights [though Women need not apply there].

    Unfortunately, the historicak ignorance of millions, and the cultural stupid masses, won’t see it till its too late, and once it hits them,

    it will unfold like a tidal wave, and it will be Their and OUR children,

    drawing those pictures.


    Posted by Tasha | April 19, 2008, 3:02 am
  8. Oh Tasha, I haven’t even been able to read about Albania/Kosovo recently. I am a (self styled, admittedly) expert on the genocide in Bosnia-Herzogovina of the early 90s. I was hopeful when a number of top Serb government officials/military officers were found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity at the Hague Tribunal, but I was dismayed when Milosevic died/committed suicide before he was brought to justice because that made him more of a martyr/hero than he’d been before to Serb nationalists and the horror experienced by Milosevic’s surviving victims could never be internationally acknowledged. When Kosovo declared independence recently, I was afraid– anything could happen now and it sounds like it is happening, and of course mainstream media doesn’t report it, just like they never reported it 17, 18 years ago, the only reason it was ever reported was, off our backs and Ms Magazine reported it (with liberal American feminists fighting that reporting all the way), and then the backs of mainstream media were against the wall. But you know, I know you’re right.

    Posted by womensspace | April 19, 2008, 4:55 am

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