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UPDATE: Little Girls as Prey and the Murder of Zina Linnik

UPDATE:  Terapon Adhahn, left, was sentenced Friday to life in prison without possibility of parole.  He was convicted of the following crimes:

• One count each of aggravated first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree rape in the July 2007 death of 12-year-old Zina Linnik.

 • Three counts of first-degree rape and one count of first-degree kidnapping in the rape of an 11-year-old Tacoma girl abducted on her way to school in May 2000.

 • One count of first-degree rape, three counts of second-degree rape and three counts of third-degree rape of a child for repeated sexual assaults of a teenage girl who lived with him from 2003 to 2005.

 • One count of failing to register as a sex offender, for not abiding by the conditions of his sentence for a 1990 incest conviction.




The man in chains in the photo, Terapon Adhahn, 42, was arrested a few days ago, after he told police where he left the body of Zina Linnek, 12, one of eight children whose family lives in Tacoma, Washington, where I was born and grew up, within a few miles of where three of my adult children now make their homes.  Adhahn left Zina’s body at a rest stop in an area of personal importance to me, at the entrance to Silver Lake on the Mountain Highway not far from Tacoma, where my grandparents built a cabin when I was a tiny girl, a cabin my parents still own which lies just below the home in which they now reside, and where our family regularly gathers.   Whenever we drove up to “the lake” when I was a girl, my dad would joke in a kindhearted way about people picnicking in the rest area, saying they likely believed they were out “in the wilderness.”  To my dad, only remote, nearly inaccessible, “rugged” areas qualified as “wilderness.”  We’d smile at my dad, the harried attorney become quasi-swagger-y like a mountain man, and we’d drive around the bend just moments away from my grandparents’ rustic cabin, complete with outhouse in those days, full of family memories and memorabilia, as it still is. 

The days of reminiscing as we drive past that “rest area” are history now; that place will forever be shadowed and haunted by the brutal murder of a little girl, whose body was discarded as so much rubbish there.


Zina Linnik

Adhahn stalked Zina, like any predator stalks its prey.  She had been in the alley behind her house at 9:45 p.m. on 4th of July, a hot night, as it turned out.  It is still a bit light out here at that time, not quite dark, and lots of people were outside watching the city-sponsored fireworks displays.  She’d been playing with her siblings and friends, who had run off to do something else momentarily, leaving her alone in the alley.  That’s when she was seized and drug into a gray van.  She screamed.  Her father heard and ran outside, just in time to see the van drive off, just in time to find one of her red flip flops, left behind.  He was able to remember a few of the numbers on the license plate. 

Police were able to track Adhahn down by way of these few numbers.  Adhahn lived maybe 10 miles away, in a part of the city near where I grew up.  Police searched his home and found girls’ underwear and other items.  Adhahn then told his attorneys where he left her body.

A Rapist, Not a “Sexual Offender”

As it turns out, Adhahn is a rapist.  I will not call him a “sex offender,” the description which is officially used for his acts, because that would place him in the same category as, for example, prostituted women in some jurisdictions.  He was no “sex offender,” he was a brutal rapist.  In 1990 he violently raped his 16-year-old half sister.  Since it was his “first offense,” he did only 60 days of jail time.  Charges against him were reduced to “incest,” and he completed 60 months of “treatment” for sexual deviance, then was adjudged a Level 1 sex offender, meaning those who evaluated him did not believe he was at high risk to reoffend. 

They were wrong, of course.  Adhahn has continued to reoffend and reoffend and reoffend.  He is small, 5’4″, and slight of build.  He was quiet, kept to himself, paid his bills on time, kept a clean house, and was hardworking.  He did handyman work and drove a tow truck.  He had served honorably in the military as an Army Ranger.

But in private, behind closed doors, in his bedroom and on the streets, he terrorized and raped and murdered little girls.  He took in one young girl he met through a friend, whose mother was having difficulties raising her.  She was 12 and called him “dad.”  But, she says, he raped her — at least 150 times, maybe 300 times, before she could run away at age 16.  Sometimes he raped her at gunpoint.  Sometimes he bound her, then raped her. 

In another instance, he kidnapped an 11-year-old girl as she was walking alone to school,   forced her into his truck, bound her with duct tape, then violently raped her, severely injuring her.  She managed to get free after he’d left her bleeding in the woods, and she was found dazed and bloody, walking alongside the highway.  She is 18 now and has identified him as the man who raped and terrorized her.


Left to right, Adre’anna Jackson, Teekah Lewis, Lenoria Jones, Misty Copsey

Adhahn is now a suspect in other unsolved rapes and murders of little girls here in the Tacoma area:  Adre’Anna Jackson, who was 10 years old when she went missing one snowy December morning between her house and her school three blocks away, and whose body was found four months later in a vacant lot not far from where Adhahn lived.  Teekah Lewis, who was just a baby, 2 years old,  when she went missing from a crowded bowling alley, again, not far from where Adhahn lived.  Lenoria Jones, who was 3 when she went missing from a Tacoma Target store.  Misty Copsey — whom I knew, and whose dad, Buck Copsey, I knew; they were members of my old church in my old world — who was 14 when she went missing after having left the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington, again, not far from where Adhahn lived.

Who is Adhahn?

Adhahn had a horrible childhood.  He was one of five children supported by a single mother who left her children with her own mother, a cruel woman by all accounts, while she worked doing whatever she could to earn money to support her children.  Adhahn blamed her for everything, really, including abandoning him; while he was living with his grandmother, he was raped by his older brother.  Later his mother married an American serviceman and the family moved from Thailand to the United States, where things were better for the family for a while. 

Not About Immigration

Much coverage of this story has focused on the fact that Adhahn is an immigrant and should have been deported when he raped his relative.  I think Adhahn and his mother and family deserved a chance at a new life, having suffered in Thailand during the Vietnam War era, and I think the U.S. was hugely culpable in, and shared responsibility for, that suffering.   Adhahn was, like most rapists, of whatever race or citizenship, a taxpaying, otherwise-law-abiding citizen, a veteran, and trained, as an Army Ranger, to kill.  How convenient for American men (mostly) to focus on the fact of his having been an immigrant, rather than on his rape of little girls.  How convenient for white American men (mostly) to do whatever they can to other someone who doesn’t look like most of them, someone who, in fact, reminds some of them of their own culpabilities.  And beyond that, as a female person and a member of the category of persons colonized by men internationally, I have to stand in solidarity with all of the little girls everywhere who might have been raped by Adhahn, whether they lived in the United States or in Thailand, had Adhahn been deported.  Making discussions of the brutal rapes and murders of little girls all about how the murderer or rapist should have been deported devalues and diminishes the lives of little girls and women everywhere, throughout the world.  What, we should have deported Adhahn so he could have raped and murdered little Thai girls instead of little American girls?  Somehow that would be preferable?

Zina was also an immigrant.  If wishes were horses and beggars could ride, my wish would be that her family had not immigrated from the Ukraine to this country, where it is war on little girls, where they are relentlessly objectified, sexualized and fetishized, where violent rapists walk free and unhindered among them, photographing them, creating websites catering to pedophiles, all completely legal, and where, when little girls fight back, they are the ones to go to prison, sometimes up to 11 years.   If wishes were horses, I’d rather see Zina and her mom and dad and sisters and brothers, aunties and uncles,  in the Ukraine, than in this poor, erstwhile “ghetto,” currently-being-gentrified, neighborhood in my hometown, speaking little English, in a city long and well-known for police misconduct, and corruption.   Eh, she was just an immigrant girl, poor as a churchmouse, and you know those immigrants with all those kids, why can’t they figure out what causes that, ha ha.  Meanwhile little girls go missing, little girls go raped, go tortured, go brutalized, are found dead, months later, maybe, or maybe their bodies are never found at all, as with Teekah Lewis, and as mothers and grandmothers and sisters and lovers we grieve and weep and mourn and long for a safe place to live and to be in the world.

Adhahn may become a suspect in the death of Amber Hagerman, in whose memory the Amber Alert legislation was originally conceived and passed.  Adhahn’s mother and other family members live in Keller and Fort Worth, Texas, near where Amber Hagerman lived in Arlington.

If he is convicted of all of the charges against him and imprisoned for the rest of his life,  or executed, that will be one less predator, girl-rapist, girl-murderer.  But just one.  What about all of the rest?  When will our daughters be safe? 

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21 thoughts on “UPDATE: Little Girls as Prey and the Murder of Zina Linnik

  1. He was raped by his brother, a male, yet according to him his mother is to blame and he attacked girls, not older boys which would be a mirror of who attacked him.

    Posted by Kitty Glendower | July 20, 2007, 9:49 pm
  2. Okay, I figured out what I really wanted to say about the immigration issue and changed it in my post as follows:

    How convenient for American men (mostly) to focus on the fact of his having been an immigrant, rather than on his rape of little girls. How convenient for white American men (mostly) to do whatever they can to other someone who doesn’t look like most of them, someone who, in fact, reminds some of them of their own culpabilities. And beyond that, as a female person and a member of the category of persons colonized by men internationally, I have to stand in solidarity with all of the little girls everywhere who might have been raped by Adhahn, whether they lived in the United States or in Thailand, had Adhahn been deported. Making discussions of the brutal rapes and murders of little girls all about how the murderer or rapist should have been deported devalues and diminishes the lives of little girls and women everywhere, throughout the world. What, we should have deported Adhahn so he could have raped and murdered little Thai girls instead of little American girls? Somehow that would be preferable?


    Posted by womensspace | July 20, 2007, 11:17 pm
  3. What, we should have deported Adhahn so he could have raped and murdered little Thai girls instead of little American girls? Somehow that would be preferable?

    Exactly. It is like I don’t care that he is still raping and murdering little girls, just get him out of our face so we will not be compared to having a dick between our legs like him. Bastards.

    Posted by Kitty Glendower | July 20, 2007, 11:36 pm
  4. I had a horrifying conversation with one of the misogynists at work about something I’d sort of realized in the back of my mind, but hadn’t allowed myself to actually think. Because (at least this is my opinion) he gets a hard on talking about the defenseless, he’d somehow or other managed to divert the conversation to pedophilia, a term he associated with the abuse of boys more so (if not completely) than that of little girls.

    I guess I knew in my mind that people assumed the sodomy of boys when they considered the horrors of pedophilia, but is it too much to ask that rape be seen for the atrocity that it is even just once? Is it really too much to ask, even just once, even if not for every raped and violated female who has lived and died on this planet, but just for one girl, a child, that rape be seen for the unsurpassed atrocity that it is?

    Yes, it is too much. It must always, always be compared with and subordinated to a male’s closest approximation, sodomy (which females also can and do suffer).

    I feel as though this is the only place in world where the rape and murder of a little girl is seen for what it is, where it isn’t justified away, or deemed to be less than.

    I am just so worn and weary. I don’t know how it is women, aware women, female-identified, female-focused women manage to live long, productive, open-eyed years, and I know that they do, but it’s hard for me to fathom. I keep waiting for a callous to form over the lacerations inflicted on me by men’s hatred, but my old wounds remain as raw as the new ones. I feel myself becoming one big open, festering sore that can never be healed, and I can understand why some people would turn away from this knowing, this seeing the hatred of men.

    Thank you for writing about this, Heart. Your strength in facing these rapes, these murders so directly, and without fail, is an inspiration. Thank you for allowing us all a place to grieve earnestly for the girl children Terapon Adhahn raped, tortured, and murdered, and for their families.

    Posted by justicewalks | July 20, 2007, 11:45 pm
  5. A truly terrible thing, so many lives destroyed. The little girls who suffered and died, their families and friends, the fear in girls’ and women’s lives and the horrible knowledge that it could happen to anyone of us or our loved ones. The rapist himself, raped by his own brother, who in his turn was probably raped by some man and so it goes. And women are to blame, of course, especially the mothers. This is the fruit of patriarchy.

    Posted by Danu | July 21, 2007, 3:04 am
  6. Thank you, Justicewalks, and Kitty, and Danu, for being willing to actually read and face up to the truth about men and about this world with me. The brutal rapes and murders of little girls worldwide– how is it that they are not front and center, front page news every single day? They aren’t because this is not our world, it’s a world which belongs to men and men aren’t going to make the rape and murder of little girls front and center any time soon because for one thing, they are raping and murdering little girls, in every conceivable way. But how can we make revolution, how can we build a new world, if, first, we don’t face up to what is true? That’s my question. Yes, it hurts so bad, but if we don’t face up to it, we can never deal, let go, make revolution, rebuild. I want so, so, so badly to see even just the beginnings of this in my lifetime. You wimmin give me such hope.


    Posted by womensspace | July 21, 2007, 4:27 am
  7. I read about this a week ago. At that time the police had just found the body, and revealed suspicions that Adhahn could be responsible for other murders, but nothing about other rapes. The article mentioned that two years after raping his relative he had been convicted for intimidation with a dangerous weapon, which was a deportable offense, though the rape was not! How could that be ranked a more serious offense than rape? Does anything about this legal system make sense? To males, I guess that ranking would make sense, since from their point of view, raping a nearly adult relative is apparently no big deal, just another sex offender tormented by a horrendous childhood. No, he is another serial rapist and killer given way too much benefit of the doubt.

    Posted by Aletha | July 21, 2007, 8:12 am
  8. [quote]The brutal rapes and murders of little girls worldwide– how is it that they are not front and center, front page news every single day?[/quote]

    People look away from male brutalization of females as if it’s road kill, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT IS. Patriarchy and male domination are enforced through fear, and if once in a while a guy gets a little out of hand, well that’s just going to happen now and then. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    I’ve been mulling this over for years ever since “Once Were Warriors” came out in the ’90s. It has a very brutal and realistic scene of wife-beating (among other things). I hate violence in movies, but I was riveted by that scene and couldn’t look away. I thought, “Finally, my truth! This is what women go through around the world every second of the day!”

    I tried to talk to people about it and got winces and shaking heads, “I just can’t watch women get treated that way.” This from fucking David Lynch fans!! They can watch women get brutalized as long as it’s portrayed sexually, but the mundane truth of women’s routine humiliation and torture is “too hard to watch?”

    It’s too disruptive to the status quo is what it is. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, and sorry for the caps, but it’s just so infuriating.

    Male violence against women is portrayed as individual (or class or racial, etc.) pathology instead of the systematic tool of oppression that it is because that allows men, and women, to avoid uncomfortable truth of male domination by fear.

    Thanks Heart for never letting us off the hook.

    Posted by roamaround | July 21, 2007, 12:28 pm
  9. Oh yes, I saw and read. A couple times, wanting to say something but not knowing what beyond a scream. We are under fire, and no-one even pretends anymore that it is friendly fire. I looked at the courtroom picture which just says volumes about men and their hatred toward us. They have a scapegoat, they can pretend he is not them, in thought if not deed. They can pretend they are doing something about it, after all, it just resides in a few sickos. Tighten immigration. Send more boys to war. If he’d have been over there, no one would have had to acknowledge it. But this way, they get to lord themselves over this man, distance themselves, say, how horrible and, not all men, and I’ll protect you.

    Posted by Sis | July 21, 2007, 4:24 pm
  10. Heart, I wrote about this last week, too, and one of the primary reasons I did is because of the very subtext you mention. Somehow the underlying implication that Adhahn being free to rape and kill little girls in Thailand is somehow okay, while raping and killing little girls in the US is not.

    One person commented on my site that “Americans are only responsible for protecting Americans.”

    I couldn’t believe it. Really. Just. Could. Not. Believe. It!

    It is this attitude of entitlement that comes from the very core of patriarchy (for lack of a better word). It is what leads to more violence, more oppression, more crime.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here but just had to say it anyway.

    It wouldn’t have mattered whether Adhahn was from Thailand or Jupiter. At the bottom line is the sense of entitlement men have when it comes to women’s bodies and women’s lives.



    Posted by thailandchani | July 21, 2007, 5:04 pm
  11. Thailand Chani, great post on your blog! (And finally I’ve added you to the blogroll, I’ve been meaning to.)

    Great minds think alike!

    Chani (from her blog post at Thailand Girl): If all the systems had been working, Terapon Adhahn would have been deported and Zina would still be alive. The subtext is he would have been killing children in Thailand instead.

    And that would have been better? Children in a third world country are somehow more disposable than children from a first world country?

    EXACTLY! And all the more true for Thailand, a hot spot for wealthy white male “sex tourists,” dear goddess on high.


    Thanks for that insight, Sis– you put your finger on what I found compelling about that photo of Adhahn but couldn’t quite nail. There he is, the brown man, surrounded by all the righteous white American dudes charged with making sure he pays for having harmed one of “their” girls or women. But who makes sure they pay? For harming their own girls, women, or any women or girls anywhere?


    Posted by womensspace | July 21, 2007, 5:25 pm
  12. Heart, this is you blogging at your best. Thanks so much for framing this the way you have – the way you always do and the way hardly anyone else does.

    Posted by Amber | July 23, 2007, 1:02 pm
  13. I kept reading this and wanting to say something, but going away again without saying anything, because I didn’t know how to say what I feel. So much grief for these girls, so much anger. But a forlorn pride and gratitude in the midst of it all, because at least in one place, here on this blog, their faces were held up, their names were spoken, and they were honored and mourned.

    I am so disturbed by how these crimes are reported. Always as if it’s a surprise, as if it’s so uncommon, just one individual who was crazy. If this were some other group and not little girls who got murdered so often and in such a similar way, I just feel as if there would be more concern and alarm. People would be asking, “what is going wrong in our society that [x] group is being targeted in this way?”

    And have you noticed how the victims seem to vanish, and only the crime remains? I know it’s partly because of publicity and the courts and what’s allowed, but these were real people, important human beings, who were killed. When a soldier gets killed in Iraq, the papers always tell about what a great guy he was and how talented and kind and smart. They don’t focus on what happened to his underwear or how his broken body was discovered. It’s as if the killing of girls and women is more noticeable than our lives. And so often their memories are besmirched by blame-the-victim details put in the paper I wish there were some way to grieve our losses and celebrate their lives.

    The New York Times Sunday magazine had an article about juvenile sex offenders this week, and I could not deal with it. I know that figuring out what to do with young boys who sexually assault is a big problem. It’s important to figure this out. But the way the article was written sickened me. A boy made his four year old half sister perform oral sex on him. And that’s all we find out about her. The rest is all about him and what a likeable kid he is, and all his problems after being tagged as a sex offender. His mom called the police on him, and the article seems to me to imply some kind of blame to her–that she should somehow have focused more on him rather than getting him out of the home. It’s as if the victims just vanish. It might not be so bad if someone in the story had asked what was wrong with a culture where even young boys think they’re entitled to express their feelings by raping somebody. But that was never said. We are just invisible even when we get killed.

    Thanks, Heart, for making these girls’ faces visible again.

    Posted by anuna | July 23, 2007, 5:37 pm
  14. Sorry, I seem to have omitted some words. I meant to say, “They are so often besmirched by blame the victim details put in the paper to serve some phony standard of objectivity and potentially defend the perpetrator.”

    Posted by anuna | July 23, 2007, 5:39 pm
  15. Anuna, I read the NYT artile too and it disgusted me. I read halfway through and became so angry and sad at the whitewashing of rape and molestation. And the author actually insinuates that the mother did something wrong by trying to protect her four year old daughter from the predatory elder brother, saying that the mother is not interested in keeping the family together. So, now mothers are to blame if they don’t let their sons molest their daughters? That is so sick. That article has all the sympathy for the molesters and rapists and none for their victims.

    Posted by Kali | July 23, 2007, 8:01 pm
  16. In the late 90’s I was asked to write a background paper on the aftereffects of child sexual abuse on adults who had been abused as children for what was to become the surgeon general’s mental health report. I mentioned in my report that if you look at the statistics that the US government collects on abuse and neglect of children, the only category where men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators and girls are overwhelmingly the victims is child sexual abuse. If memory serves me right I both talked about the kinds of services and supports adults who experienced abuse as children might needs as adults but I also suggested that it is the whole power dominance dynamic of our patriarchal system that gives rise to the alarming numbers of men abusing girls. The US government paid me quite nicely for writing this report but none of it made it’s way into the Surgeon General’s Report where the effects of child sexual abuse on psychological functioning was barely mentioned and then only through the narrowest of therapeutic lenses. I hardly expected the report to come out advocating revolution but I figured I mention the possibility. In my report I also talked about Diane Russell’s study on male rapists where she conducted extensive interviews with rapists and non-rapists who were incarcerated and reported no difference in the 2 groups in “mental illness”. Rapists were no sicker than any of the other criminals. Rape was not the product of individual pathology but reflected the values of power and control that men are taught growing up in the loving arms of the patriarchy.

    Posted by jfr | July 25, 2007, 5:55 am
  17. Thanks for that, jfr, and for all of your amazing hard work which was censored, essentially, by the Surgeon General. Do you still have this paper? I’d love to read it! I want ending rape to be central to my campaign platform.

    Can anyone imagine a world without rape? Dear goddess, it brings tears to my eyes. A world without rape. I could take my little daughter to the store with me, or to the beach, or just out for a walk in the city and not have it constantly in my mind that she can not be out of my sight, even for a moment. The ongoing dread we all feel as women, as daughters, mothers, grandmothers, would end. Can we even imagine it?


    Posted by Heart | July 25, 2007, 11:00 am
  18. Heart – My report is no longer on my computer. It disappeared in a computer meltdown a couple years back. I must have a paper copy of it somewhere so when I locate it I will figure out a way to get it to you. It was written as an academic piece and for a fairly traditional audience so my radical bent is more innuendo than up front. I didn’t feel as if I were censored but more as if I was simply ignored, although the few words in the surgeon general’s report that did make mention of the relationship between mental health issues and child sexual abuse might not have been there at all if my paper and some other voices (the woman on the task force who asked me to write the paper and had to really push for it against opposition for example) had not been raised.

    Posted by jfr | July 25, 2007, 6:27 pm
  19. It is hard to imagine a world without rape, where women and girls could feel safe. Meanwhile, MySpace reports it has found 29,000 profiles of registered sex offenders, so far.

    Posted by Aletha | July 26, 2007, 5:33 am
  20. —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 8:07 PM
    Subject: UPDATED & CLARIFIED –






    AGE 49 TODAY; DOB: 07/14/58;
    WA DOC #: 939878

    ON 09/17/07; THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY




    Cory Bober
    253 922 1515

    —– Original Message —–
    From: CORY BOBER (Police Case Informant)
    To: Allen, James H.
    (King County Sheriff’s Office Mjr. Crimes / Homicide Unit)
    Urquhart, John
    (King County Sheriff’s Office PIO)
    Cc: RICHS (Puyallup City Police
    – Criminal Investigations Det. Sgt. Richard Smith)
    Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2007 2:41 PM
    (Received 09/17/07 – Copsey Case 15 yr anniversary date)
    Subject: Fw: Misty Copsey’s missing person case 09/17/92 – Plat map and profile for Oscar and Sharon Pierce’s real property (Eatonville, WA) {Pierce County, WA Plat Map Sent as Attachment w/ Email – removed after sending)

    Dear sirs:

    Attached (now removed) is a south Pierce County, WA plat map and profile showing land/title information for the property FORMERLY OWNED BY RICHARD M. BAUGHN NOW OWNED BY OSCAR AND SHARON PIERCE – where I believe Randy Achziger murdered and buried Misty Copsey in the AM hours of 09/18/92.

    The plat map (formerly attached) shows Pierce’s property (and his neighbors) in the Eatonville, WA ‘Ohop Lake area. The Pierce’s purchased this property from Richard M. Baughn on 09/13/02.

    For the plat map of the area see: Candy Tharp, Customer Service / Puget Sound Title Company – 253 474 – 4747. See also Pierce County aerial ‘ORTHO’ photo images taken of this property back to June 1999, showing the cement driveway at the Pierce property to be the same configuration since the summer of 1999, at least, as it is today.

    The cement slab driveway on Oscar and Sharon Pierce’s property is where since 07/21/04 I have been trying to convince Puyallup police Misty Copsey was murdered and buried by Pierce County Convicted Sex Offender Randy Achziger in the AM hours of 09/18/92 (I believe Copsey’s remains are still under the cement driveway where and when at the time of the crime the cement had not yet been poured), when it was owned by but not yet lived on by Tacoma, Pierce County, WA resident Richard M. Baughn – Achziger’s then long-time friend and then roommate up to September 13th, 14th or 15th of 1992.

    On 09/17/92 – the day Misty Copsey vanished – there were few land owners or ‘neighbors’ with homes on the property at that time in this Ohop Lake area; the information in the attached plat map shows year purchased and year built of all the neighbors of Mr. Pierce if a dwelling is situated on the land in question.

    Richard Baughn’s property, now Mr. Pierce’s property, had very few neighbors in September 1992 – there are no street lights up there to this day and there was very little if any traffic on Pierce’s ‘private gravel road’ at that time, in Sept. 1992, if any at all in the late PM or early AM hours, when Copsey was murdered and buried there.

    Yesterday on 09/15/07 – for the first time – I located and talked to Rick and brother Jack Baughn Jr. in Pierce County, WA, about the Ohop Lake property Rick sold to Mr. and Mrs. Pierce… A damning statement was made to me by Rick Baughn, for the first time yesterday, that implicates Randy Achziger – by his own admission – in the murder of ‘a girl’ on Rick Baughn’s Ohop Lake property (before Rick moved onto the property) during the month of September 1992.

    Rick told me he had already been told back in early 1993 by Scott R. Kelly (now deceased as of 09/02/05 in Piece County, WA), a mutual long-time friend of both his and Randy’s, that there was a murdered dead girl on his property supposedly killed and left / buried on his property by Randy Achziger (Achziger bragged to a mutual long-time friend of both his and Rick’s – Scott R. Kelly- that he murdered ‘a girl’ and left her or buried her on Rick’s Ohop Lake-area property, ‘in the burn pile,’ BEFORE RICK MOVED INTO HIS TRAILER IN SEPTEMBER OF 1992).

    Rick explained to me that he had, with the help of of his friends, already looked for the dead body of a murdered girl on his property in his burn pile sometime after he moved into his trailer (he moved into the trailer around 10/01/92) and after Scott Kelly told Rick (Scott told Rick about this confession Achziger made to him likely in February of 1993 and after Copsey’s clothes were found in south King County on 02/07/93) that Randy Achziger claimed he killed a girl and left her body in the burn pile on Rick’s Ohop Lake-area property where he had previously worked for Rick in September of 1992…

    I believe Achziger bragged to his friend Scott Kelly about killing a girl on Rick’s property and about burring her body there because he did it – he just lied about where on that property he really buried the body. Achziger must have bragged about about this crime while he and Scott were getting high and injecting drugs together. This must have happened in February of 1993 at the very time the Copsey case was everywhere in the media and in the papers as I believe it was Achziger who put Copesy’s clothes on Highway 410 to incite the search, the day before 02/07/93, when and where we found the clothes. Achziger knew 2 days ahead of time that we were searching an area of Highway 410 for Copsey’s remains as I baited Achziger with a previous newspaper story on the front page of the Pierce County Herald, which I made sure he read on Friday 02/05/93, to let him know we were searching for Copsey’s remains on Highway 410 (with the hope Achziger would feel compelled to leave evidence for us to find, which I believe he did do)…

    Rick said the burn pile was searched with help from his friends (THE MAN WHO CREATED THE BURN PILE HELPED TEAR IT DOWN LIKELY SOMETIME IN FEBRUARY OF 1993 – HIS NAME IS ‘GREG’), looking for human remains, sometime after Rick moved into his trailer on the Ohop Lake property and shortly after Scott Kelly told him Randy claimed he put a girl’s body in his burn pile. Rick said though, ‘No evidence of a dead girl was found in the burn pile.’

    Rick dismissed the idea that Achziger really left a dead girl’s body on his property when the search of his burn pile turned up no humn remains.

    Randy admitted he killed a girl and left her dead body on Rick Baughn’s property and he claimed he did the crime before Rick moved into the trailer on the property which was by or before the first week of October 1992. (Achziger was done working on the Ohop Lake-area property and kicked out of Rick Baughn’s Tacoma residence already by 09/15/92 and by that evening he was in the Pierce County Jail; Rick’s mother Doris was living in Rick’s Tacoma residence at the time when Rick kicked Achziger out in mid September 1992… In a matter of just a few days after Achziger was kicked out of Rick’s home, Doris told me Achziger called Rick’s house collect telling how he had been arrested and was in jail trying to get bailed out… Records show Achziger was released from the Pierce County Jail on 09/16/92).

    Achziger’s work done on Rick’s Ohop Lake-area property for his friend Rick had ended by or before September 15th, 1992 and yet, just after Achziger was released from jail, Rick found Achziger alone one morning at his vacant Ohop Lake-area trailer property even after Rick had told him he never wanted to see him again and after Rick had kicked Achziger out of his Tacoma residence (being this was before Rick moved into his single-wide brand new trailer, it had to be before 10/01/92).

    Misty Copsey is the only girl missing, never found and presumed murdered from the time frame of 09/15/92 (when Achziger was done working and the Ohop Lake-area property and already kicked out of Rick’s Tacoma residence) up to the date Achziger attacked small children in Puyallup, on 03/29/93

    I never had heard Rick Baughn’s story/s about Achziger before yesterday, 09/15/07.

    I believe that this statement, or confession to murder, made by Achziger to Scott Kelly was true with the exception of the statement that he left the dead girl’s body on Rick’s property ‘in the burn pile,’ as I believe she was actually buried in the dirt drive-approach on Rick Baughn’s property where Achziger fully expected cement would be poured by 10/01/92, when Rick was scheduled to move into the trailer. Achziger, and everyone else as well including Rick himself, believed the cement driveway was going to be poured just before Rick moved into the trailer on the property as that was Rick’s original plan and the last thing he was going to do before he moved onto the property into the trailer there. Rick is in a wheelchair and needed the cement driveway for his vehicle he drives / his wheelchair he uses.

    Achziger must have crapped his pants to find out Rick Baughn ran out of money when he moved into his trailer and had to wait to pour the cement driveway; RICK SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY ON THE LANDSCAPING OF HIS PROPERTY AND COULD NOT AFFORD THE CEMENT POUR OF HIS DRIVEWAY AT THE TIME HE FINALLY MOVED INTO THE TRAILER (SOMEWHERE AROUND THE FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER 1992).

    Rick didn’t pour his cement driveway for some time – possibly as long as a year and a half he told me; it was temporarily covered with gravel. Randy expected the cement to be poured (BY OR BEFORE RICK’S MOVE-IN DATE OF OR BY 10/01/92) and he knew that their long-time mutual friend (Marc A. Van Derschelden, also now deceased in Pierce County on 07/18/98), who worked with cement for a living, would be the one to pour the cement for the driveway. Marc did eventually pour the cement for Rick Baughn’s driveway Rick told me but it took some time to occur.

    Rick Baughn and his brother Jack Jr. both said yesterday that the Pierce property and the cement driveway appear to be the same – nearly exactly – as it was when Rick lived there; they insist the cement driveway at Mr. Pierce’s place is original to the property. Rick told me that the cement rubble Piece found in the backyard was what Rick allowed Marc Van Derschelden to leave on the property after he originally poured the cement for his property – it was not from a tear down of the original cement driveway as Pierce alleged. Pierce also claimed to know who ‘re-poured the driveway cement’ and that is not possible the Baughn brother’s both insisted, because it was only poured once and it – they are sure – is still exactly the same as the day it was first created for Rick by Marc Van Derschelden.

    Mr. and Mrs. Pierce know nothing about the people connected to their property they bought from Richard Baughn before September 2002, when they first met Rick and bought the property thereafter on the 13th that month.

    I envisioned the morning after Copsey vanished, what Randy must have done with Copsey’s body after he killed her…

    I guessed that the following story must have been true and Rick confirmed, on 09/15/07, that it is true: Rick Baughn had, as I previously stated, recounted for me that one morning (I believe this had to have happened in the AM of 09/18/92) after Rick kicked Achziger out of his Tacoma residence, Randy did ‘make amends’ with him. One day in Sept. 1992, in a memorable and somewhat peculiar way, at the Ohop Lake-area property and before Rick moved into his trailer there (even after Randy stole checks and money from Rick at his Tacoma residence where Randy had been living with Rick and his mother Doris up to Sept 13th, 14th or 15th of 1992 and even after Rick kicked Randy out for stealing from him and for injecting drugs in his home) Rick caught Randy ‘working’ on his Ohop Lake-area property without his knowledge.

    It must have been Friday, 09/18/92, in the morning and only hours after Achziger had just finished the burial of Copsey’s body in Rick Baughn’s dirt drive approach, Rick came to the trailer in the morning around 10 AM to finish up working on the Ohop property, before he moved in the trailer and after he kicked Randy out of his Tacoma residence, when he unexpectedly found Randy Achziger at his trailer property; Achziger apologized for stealing from Rickand he claimed that he had been ‘working on the property’ for Rick ‘all night long,’ Randy told Rick. Randy had worked on Rick’s Ohop Lake-area property right up to the day Rick told him Achziger to leave his Tacoma residence but Achziger had no permission to be at the Ohop Lake-area property after day or the previous overnight. After Rick had kicked Achziger out of his Tacoma residence, Randy went to the Pierce County jail unexpectedly for only a couple of days at most (he was in the Pierce County Jail, on an old warrant for some probation violation or something when his father then bailed him out of jail – we can prove he was released on 09/16/92 RIGHT AFTER RANDY WAS KICKED OUT OF RICK’S TACOMA RESIDENCE).

    At the time of his Pierce County Jail release, 09/16/92, Achziger had lived at Rick Baughn’s Tacoma residence last and HE HAD NOWHERE ELSE TO STAY BUT THE TRAILER UPON HIS JAIL RELEASE – that Rick was not moved into yet (Achziger likely spent the night of 09/16/92 in Rick’s unlocked and empty brand new trailer).

    On 09/17/92 – THE DAY MISTY COPSEY VANISHED – Randy’s brother Rick’s ex-wife, Mary Achziger, had a baby boy at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA; his entire family and his mother, Carrolyn J. Ashline, all went to the hospital and ‘Randy stayed all day and night’ at the hospital, according to Mary herself, with her and the family. Randy was driving his mother’s brand new 1992 white Chevy Cavalier station wagon hatch-back with light blue tri-lobal nylon carpet on 09/17/92 and he was the one who drove his mother to the hospital that day and / or that night Achziger was planning at that time to stay in his mother’s apartment at 317 7th St SW downtown Puyallup, kitty-corner from the very bus stop Misty Copsey and her friend Trina waited at – you could see the bus stop from Achziger’s mother’s front porch.

    I believe Achziger spotted Misty Copsey, with her head down and crying, on S. Meridian around 10pm -Achziger must have made contact with Copsey in the Jason’s Restaurant parking lot she was last seen headed toward, on S Meridian just one intersection, or so, south of the spot she was last seen; this is where I believe Achziger talked to Misty Copsey and where I believe she told him she missed her bus to Spanaway. I believe, in the Jason’s Restaurant parking lot, Achziger talked Copsey into letting him give her a ride home and she accepted his offer out of desperation with a lot of hesitation and reservation, but still willingly got into his vehicle…

    In the months to follow Copsey’s disappearance, Achziger spent time at the Ohop property with Rick Baughn – occasionally hanging out with Rick there at his home.

    In January 1993 Rick had agreed to allow Randy to stay there, in his trailer in the back bedroom, as his father had agreed to pay Randy’s rent. Rick said Randy kept the rent money he was supposed to pay him to stay with him, that his father gave him – on drugs. Rick told Achziger to get out of his Ohop lake-area trailer in January 1993. Rick claims that Randy only ‘stayed’ for about 2 weeks at his trailer but had spent the money he had for rent that he promised him so he wanted Randy out of his home when, at that time, Randy would not leave his home when told to. Instead of calling the police, Rick said he drove down the road and found a Pierce County Sheriff’s marked cruiser at a local bank; Rick asked the deputy to come to his trailer to make Randy leave. The Sheriff’s deputy followed Rick home to his trailer and talked to Achziger but Randy insisted that he lived there. The deputy told Rick that Achziger had a legal right to stay for free for 30 days in his trailer if he had already stayed there for the previous 2 weeks and there was nothing that Rick could legally do to make him leave before then. Achziger left the following day for good and I believe that was around the time of – he likely left the very day of – ‘the Inaugural Day Windstorm,’ January 1993 On that very day in January 1993 – just before the windstorm hit – I know and had already documented that Randy saw – for the first time since the 3rd grade – Jeff Bethel and his Girlfriend Jill Moats, of South Hill Puyallup, at the BP Gas station in Eatonville, WA where he instantly then reunited his friendship with Jeff. In the 60 days to follow, Achziger became very close friends with Jeff, Jill and her 5 children (Achziger later sexually assaulted / raped Jill’s 3 youngest children in the AM of 03/29/93 on South Hill in the city of Puyallup).

    Rick Baughn hoped the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office made a report of some kind about the night he tried to get them to make Randy leave his trailer (SEE LESA RECORDS) because it would date the day Randy left Rick’s Ohop-lake area property – and Rick’s life – for good because Randy left the very next day. I doubted that a report was filed and I believe that after that major windstorm in January 1993 Randy never returned to Rick’s Ohop lake-are property and Rick has never seen Randy Achziger since.

    The search for a murdered girl’s body ‘in the burn pile’ on Rick Baughn’s trailer property likely took place during February 1993 I believe – after Copsey’s clothes were discovered 02/07/93 and while there was an extensive all-out search of Highway 410 by law enforcement ongoing for Copsey’s remains… Achziger’s bragged about his ‘murder of a girl’ to his long time friend Scott Robert Kelly quite likely in Feb. 1993, after he was kicked out of Rick’s trailer the final time in January 1993 and after Copsey’s clothes were discovered, likely while they were getting high together using IV drugs, because Achziger wanted wanted him to tell Rick as he hoped it would create a search on Rick Baughn’s property for a dead girl’s body (which it did, but they looked in the wrong place).

    Achziger knew that Scott Kelly would tell Rick Baughn that they should look for a dead girl in Rick’s burn pile on the Ohop Lake-area property just in case it was true and Achziger really did kill a girl and leave her in the burn pile there (Scott was obviously alarmed by Achziger’s statement and Kelly would never have lied about such a thing).

    I believe it can be proven Achziger actually ‘bragged’ to Scott Kelly after Achziger’s friendship ended in Jan. 1993 with Rick Baughn for good, that he committed this murder of a girl on Rick’s property sometime after he started working on Rick’s property and before before Rick moved into his Trailer there, between 09/01/92 and 10/01/92 .

    I believe now, more than ever, that Misty Copsey is buried under what was Rick Baughn’s dirt driveway and under what is now Oscar and Sharon Pierce’s cement driveway, BECAUSE: Randy said he left a dead girl’s body on Rick Baughn’s property before Rick moved in and Rick even looked for it with his friend’s help sometime after he moved in, likely at the very time everyone was looking for Misty Coosey’s remains on Highway 410 – Randy just lied to Scott Kelly about where exactly on Rick Baughn’s property that he left her…

    I have been saying Achziger buried Copsey on Rick Baughn’s former property near Ohop Lake since 07/21/04 because the fiber forensic evidence from Rick’s former trailer’s carpet, the fiber evidence from Achziger’s mother’s former Cavelier as well as other forensic evidence including but not limited to even diatomes from Ohop Lake specifically, is on Copsey’s found clothing I discovered according to the Wa State Patrol Seattle Crime Lab Report that I have followed which describes the found forensic evidence found on Copsey’s clothing… The Copsey case forensic evidence takes you to Achziger and to what was Richard Baughn’s single-wide trailer and property near to Ohop Lake.

    Mr. Pierce insists that he dug up Rick Baughn’s former entire land parcel there when he moved his double-wide trailer onto the property and when he the original single-wide trailer was moved off the property that had belonged to Rick. Pierce claimed he, ‘dug up all of the property – dug 3 to 4 feet deep – with a Cat and a Backhoe; with 6 men’s help’ and thereby never found any bones.


    I only hope the media/press will investigate the Copsey case in its’ entirety and that I am allowed to discuss – for the very first time publicly – the evidence I have gathered and that which the Puyallup police refuse to test which implicates and illustrates that Copsey was murdered by Randy Achziger (a convicted sex offender) and that he thereafter buried Copsey’s body during the AM hours of 09/18/92 in the dirt driveway of what was his friend Rick Baughn’s Ohop Lake-area property – in dirt that is now covered by cement.

    The Puyallup police must fear that my ‘theory’ in the Copsey case could be true as they panicked and intentionally (criminally) stopped a free professional GPR survey that I set up for the cement driveway in question, in May 2005, when I finally found Diana Smith again after not seeing her for 5 nearly 5 years when or after she contacted Mr. Oscar Pierce by phone to try to get his cooperation to GPR survey his cement driveway. As hard as it is for us to believe, the Puyallup police went out of their way to make sure the free and professional GPR survey – the free survey offered to help us in May 2005 to assist us in locating Misty Copsey’s remains under Oscar Pierce’s cement driveway – did not and will not ever happen.

    The Puyallup police do not want Copsey found dead as a murder victim – the Puyallup police insist to this day that Copsey ‘ran away; is still living’ and that she NEVER FELL VICTIM TO A CRIME OF VIOLENCE AGAINST HER.

    I’m begging now that Someone will do something to help us to investigate the Copsey case and to recover Misty Copsey’s remains – to stop Randy Achziger, a convicted sex offender already, from killing or raping another innocent young child, unsuspecting teen or naive adult .

    Email me for a copy of Achziger’s Federal Way, WA ‘Public Notification Flier’ created upon his 01/31/99 WA state DOC release from prison as he was made a ‘Level 2’ convicted sex offender by the Federal Way city police until (for no reason whatsoever) the Des Moines, WA city police reduced Achziger to ‘Risk Level 1 status’ from his Risk Level 2 status in March of 2006. Achziger was consequently removed from the WA State ‘Internet Sex Offender Registry’ as well and his neighbors are now no longer notified of his arrival when he moves in as is the law in our state when you are a Level 2 or a Level 3 offender.

    Achziger is back under WA state DOC supervision as of 09/07/07 when he was convicted for his 2nd ‘Failure to Register’ charge in King County Superior Court; he’s now being supervised for the next 3 years at least by WA DOC CCO Denise Collum out of the Federal Way, WA state DOC office. Achziger is currently believed to be unemployed and he is believed to be living in a Des Moines city-area motel on Pacific Highway South, in South King County, WA. I’m now asking the WA DOC to re-assess Achziger’s Sex Offender Risk Level and to return him to the ‘Level 2 status’ that he had been for 7 years prior to March 2006 when the city of Des Moines police reduced his risk level and claimed that ‘Achziger didn’t meet the Des Moines city Classification Tool Criteria of a Level 2 offender’ (the classification tool used to classify all WA state convicted sex offender’s risk levels is the same through out the entire state and there is no difference between law enforcement jurisdictions in the ‘criteria’ within the tool used to determine an offender’s risk level, at all).

    Thank you.

    Cory Bober
    253 922 – 1515 or email me at:

    ps: I am the one who took Diana Smith – Misty Copsey’s mother – to her daughter Misty’s jeans, underwear and both navy blue, cotton knee-high socks on Highway 410, on 02/07/93 (the underwear was found inside-out and the socks were balled up; the socks and underwear were all inside one pant leg of the jeans Misty had borrowed from her mother the day she went missing). Copsey’s shoes were not ever found and there were no law enforcement investigators with us when we found Copsey’s clothing – it was a search I organized of Highway 410 and the Weyco Mainline Road, done privately and not with assistance of or by the police.


    —– Original Message —–
    From: CORY BOBER
    To: Collum, Denise E. (DOC CCO III; FEDERAL WAY, WA OFFICE)
    Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 12:53 PM
    Subject: Sex Offender Randy Achziger – WA DOC #939878

    Hi Denise –

    Concerning Randy Achziger, 49 (dob: 07/14/58), your latest convicted sex offender that you have been assigned to supervise for the WA State DOC, for the next 3 years…

    Randy Achziger is not a man you want to give any slack – he’s definitely a cagey guy and far worse than just a ‘child molester’… I intend to prove Achziger is a child MURDERER.

    Randy Achziger is a cold, calculating, cruel, controlling, chronic IV drug addict, crack cocaine smoker, marijuana smoker, drinker, liar, burglar, thief, misogynist, demanding manipulation expert, womanizer and woman beater, child rapist and molester with pedophilic sadistic tendencies, dramatically narcissistic, cocky and sarcastic compulsive liar and extreme opportunist who believes the world wronged him as a child and is out to harm him as an adult. Randy feels the world owes him a free pass to do whatever criminal and unacceptable things he wants to do to anyone he thinks deserves it – he’s felt this way throughout his life Randy’s criminal behavior is continuously enabled and excused by his wealthy father who Randy enjoys impersonating from time to time (Clarence ‘Sonny’ L. Achziger of South Hill Puyallup) who pays his way for and through anything and everything even when he knows he shouldn’t and when he knows he is supporting a dangerous sociopath who doesn’t hesitate to harm, murder, molest or rob anyone who crosses his path should he feel the urge. Randy has felt for his entire life that his criminal actions are justified and that he should suffer no consequences for his any of criminal actions; he feels the world harmed him since he was a child (his natural mother molested him for his entire life until she abandoned his entire family when he was just 7 years old, which created his hatred for females) and everyone he harms, he believes, deserves his hatred and self-styled revenge because they either hurt him first or he saw them as simply weak and deserving – somehow in need of his abuse.

    I need to be sure you understand I am not a harasser of Randy Achziger but his ‘Biographer’ you could say – I keep track of his life and try to keep people informed as to his previous criminal history, his residential address so as to be sure to know where he is at all times and his ongoing criminal behavior and drug / alcohol abuse because he belongs in prison and he continues to break and skirt the law. I know Randy has murdered numerous people – mostly females but males as well. Randy has threatened to kill me so most of my efforts are to regain my own sense of safety – to put Randy away and back in prison where he so desperately belongs so I can live without fearing for my own life an longer. I believe Randy when he said he is going to kill me and bury me in the woods where I won’t be found for years – he said that to me personally in a mind-bending screaming rage on the telephone to be sure I will never forget it, and I still believe him

    Please read all of this information and know that that this is just one case against Achziger I have been working as I have been fighting the Puyallup police and the King County Sheriff’s Office to prove Achziger a serial murder, and now to prove the local law enforcement responsible for investigating the on going crimes I believe Achziger to be involved in are in fact covering-up for their own past mistakes and clearly criminally trying to suppress my valid and relevant evidence which will prove Randy Achziger a murderer.

    I must ask you to re-evaluate Randy Achziger’s Offender Risk Level and to understand that the Des Moines City Police (Officer Barry Sellers) had absolutely no right to reduce Achziger’s Risk Level in March 2006 when he took Randy from Level 2 (which he was for 7 prior years, registered with his photo on the Internet Sex Offender Registry for the state of WA) to Level 1 in March of 2006 and removed his registration information from the internet and removed his flier notification requirements so know no one is told Randy is living nearby when he moves into a residence now.

    The King County Sheriff’s SAU (Sexual Assault Unit or Sex Offender Registration Unit) administrative woman (‘Tina’) who assigned Randy’s latest Failure to Register case to a detective in May this year for investigation, promised me that she would see to it that Randy’s offender Risk Level is re-evaluated and that he is returned to his proper Level 2 status; she felt he should have been a Level 3 to begin with but I was satisfied to get him returned to Level 2 I told her and I contacted the legislature to complain that the reduction took place in the first place.

    142 Wa 2nd; Pg 608 (2001)


    According to:

    RE: MEYER 142 Wa 2nd; Pg 608 (2001) –

    The WA State Supreme court ruled that a person convicted for a class ‘A’ sex offense against a child under the age of 8 years is never entitled to an offender Risk Level Reduction and must register his residential address for the rest of his life; that address is to be divulged down to the 500 block and disseminated to neighbors / the public with an ‘updated photo’ of the offender, in a timely manner, as soon as the offender moves into a new residence

    Additionally, the WA State Supreme Court ruled that if any person ‘shares common ground’ with a convicted sex offender, of any risk level status, and wants to know the offenders residential address down to the 500 block, that person requesting the residential address information is entitled to have it and the state should provide it down to the 500 block.

    I share common ground with Randy Achziger (he has already ‘cornered me’ in a local Tacoma-area Safeway store where I routinely shop and there were witnesses because security officers / employees had to escort me out to a vehicle waiting for me outside in the parking lot, for my protection) and was the self-appointed and documented ‘victim’s advocate’ in his original Pierce County 1993 child rape case; on behalf of his living victims (who also are asking me to retrieve this information) and myself, for our safety’s sake.

    There is an address for Randy Achziger on file in ‘DISKIS’ or ‘OBITS’ that reflects a motel or apartment Achziger has used for his residential address (the latest residence registered) that appears to be in the city of Des Moines, WA again on Pacific Highway South; it seems to be a motel rather than an apartment.

    I am hereby asking you to confirm and to relay to me by email at least, Achziger’s current residential registered address down to the 500 block, per WA State Supreme court rulings in re: Meyer.

    Under the Wa State Supreme Court rulings / citation noted above, any person dissatisfied with any convicted sex offender’s assigned Risk Level can contest it by making a motion within the offender’s original convicting criminal court jurisdiction, to be heard by the presiding judge in that criminal Superior Court jurisdiction. I will make a motion to contest Achziger’s Risk Level reduction if I can’t get the DOC to reinstate his level 2 status within a reasonable amount of time now that you have jurisdiction over him – we are asking that you remedy this problem so that we don’t have to go to court, and please return Achziger to his proper ‘Risk Level 2’ status before he re-offends and the DOC is held liable.

    This is information that the police (Puyallup police and or the King County Sheriff’s Office) may or may not be investigating now – the media is looking into all of my information currently, that much I do know; I intend to bring this information to national attention via the media as soon as I can

    As developments occur I will keep you posted.

    I can only hope my contact with you and the WA DOC concerning Randy Achziger is in confidence and that Achziger will never now that I am talking to you and sharing information with you – it would most certainly anger Achziger and could easily cause him to act out against me irrationally and with extreme violence toward me.

    Please confirm and provide for me Randy Achziger’s latest registered residential address down to the 500 block at your earliest convenience.

    Law enforcement has been nothing but reckless and negligent in their mishandling of my information and Randy Achziger, specifically and especially with regard to the disappearance of Misty Copsey from Puyallup, WA 09/17/92, for the last 15 years now; they are about to pay for their mistakes in a way so public they will never live it down and by their own callus actions this will cause a stigma in our local law enforcement that will last for many decades to come.

    I absolutely detest the police as you can imagine. I have and I will continue to take great pleasure in rubbing Achziger in the faces of local law enforcement for many, many years to come via the press and the media and his victim’s families as all local law enforcement (without exception) have skirted their obligation to our community by ignoring my information about Achziger and consequently permitting this menacing monster to continue his crimes for years now, when he could have been stopped a lot sooner – because of the police many lives lost could have been saved and small children who were raped and molested never would have been attacked had the Puyallup police done their job and investigated Achziger previously.

    Thank you for your time and your fast response back to me.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Cory Bober

    253 922 – 1515 OR BY MY EMAIL

    Posted by CORY BOBER | October 5, 2007, 3:53 am
  21. Cory– Tomorrow when I am not so tired, I will use the information you have provided here to create a separate post. I knew Misty Copsey; at one time I went to a church she attended with her dad Buck, on the weekends he was caring for her. I remember how he drove down to Vancouver, I believe it was, to pick her up and take her back home. Misty was the age of one of my sons. I was horrified when I learned she went missing and still feel horrified knowing police have not found her murderer. Your story rings true to me.

    Thank you for not forgetting Misty Copsey, for remembering her, for searching for her killer, for not allowing her to be forgotten like thousands and millions of girls and women have gone forgotten.


    Posted by womensspace | October 5, 2007, 4:17 am

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