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Pornography, Rape and Sexual Assault

The Silencing of Tracy K. Barker: Sexually Assaulted by State Department Official, Raped by Halliburton/KBR Supervisor in Iraq, Denied Justice

Tracy Barker, former Halliburton/KBR Employee

by Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, Women’s Space, May 4, 2008


Last January I blogged about Jamie Leigh Jones, a Halliburton/KBR employee in Iraq who was brutally gang-raped by co-workers after having had her drink surreptitiously drugged.   She was so badly injured in the attack, she required surgery.  She was seen by a doctor and a rape kit documented the rapes (though part of the rape kit mysteriously disappeared while in the “care” of Halliburton employees).  After the rapes, Jones was imprisoned in a container for several days, deprived of basic necessities of life and was guarded by Halliburton/KBR employees to prevent her escape.  She managed to gain access to a cell phone, called her father in Texas, and her father contacted a Republican legislator, Ted Poe, who secured Jones’ release and return to the U.S.  Jones was in Iraq for only four days.  Upon her return she retained attorneys, but Halliburton/KBR maintains, and Courts have so far agreed, that Jones must submit her claims to binding arbitration rather than filing a civil lawsuit because she signed a “binding arbitration clause” hidden in an 18-page employment contract she signed before she left for Iraq.  Unlike civil and criminal court proceedings, arbitrations are private and confidential, not disclosed to the public. 

Jones testified about the rapes before a Congressional investigatory committee (Youtube video of her testimony can be viewed at the link above to my January post.)  The Department of Justice was subpoenaed to testify before the committee as well but declined to appear.  As things stand, women employees of defense contractors in foreign countries may be, and are being, sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, battered and raped with impunity and their only recourse is private arbitration with their employers once they manage to escape what often amounts to captivity and are back in the U.S.

After I blogged about Jamie Leigh Jones, I began receiving e-mails and comments from relatives of another woman, Tracy Barker, who had also been employed by Halliburton/KBR, and who had also been raped in Iraq.   Barker’s story seemed complicated and the e-mails and comments I received were sometimes hard to follow.   I wasn’t sure what to make of what I was reading and knew I needed to do some investigation.  I spent time today, finally — having yesterday received another comment to my blog on behalf of Tracy Barker —  investigating the claims of those who have loved and supported her.   I pulled up U.S. District Court dockets from the Southern District of Texas and the Eastern District of Virginia, read all of the relevant and substantive pleadings and viewed all of the exhibits attached to the pleadings.   I read the comparatively few articles I could find online about Barker, a New York Times article, (also posted on Truthout),  an article on People’s Speak Radio,  a post written by another American woman blogger raped in Iraq, and the few comments to the posts, which I believe included comments by counsel retained by Halliburton.  Barker’s story resonated and rang   true to me, and I am convinced that she and her family members are reporting events which deserve as much public attention as can be gathered on her behalf.  Barker, her husband and her family strike me as decent, honest and hardworking citizens who have repeatedly been shocked and stunned, as they should be, by the treatment Barker has received from her employer, government officials, attorneys, arbitrators, courts, corporate executives, HR personnel and news media they believed they could trust.

For the most part Barker has been silenced, prevented from telling her story.  She was summoned to the same Congressional hearing to which Jamie Leigh Jones was summoned but was not permitted to testify.  She had only two hours’ notice that she needed to board a flight to attend the hearing.  She had just given birth to twins who were born prematurely and were in intensive care.  Nevertheless, she traveled to Washington D.C. at her own expense of  $1,300.  In the Youtube video below, a somber Barker is visible seated behind the podium where Jamie Leigh Jones is speaking.  Having traveled all that way immediately post-partum, she never got the chance to speak for herself before the assembled Congressional committee.

Tracy Barker is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and the wife of a career Army soldier, Galen Barker, who has served on the Golden Knights Parachute Team for 24 years.  She is the mother of five children. 

Sexually Harassed and Threatened by Supervisors in Baghdad

Barker began working for Halliburton in 2004 in the “Green Zone” in Baghdad. 

Shortly after her arrival in Baghdad, her supervisors, Crystal Daniel and Barron Marcee, began to sexually harass and threaten her.  She observed that they were also threatening and sexually harassing Iraqi women who would at times cry and approach her for help.  At one point one of these supervisors choked an Iraqi woman, “Sunni”, in a conference room as though attempting to kill her.  Shocked and outraged, Barker reported these events through what she believed was a confidential program allowing employees to make complaints through Halliburton employees in Houston.  But Barker’s complaints were not kept confidential; instead they were forwarded on to her supervisors, who then retaliated by stepping up the threats and sexual harassment.  When she resisted, just as with Jones, Barker was imprisoned in a container where supervisors attempted to force her to sign a false statement that she was guilty of bad conduct and where she was denied any contact with the outside world, including her husband.   She was not allowed to even use the bathroom except under the surveillance of Halliburton/KBR employees.

Pornography Papering Basra Office Walls

Barker was then transferred to Basra.  When she arrived, a number of men were present and waiting for her.  She was told by a manager the men were there to see how “good looking” she was.  She shared a working space with several men.  The walls and halls  throughout were completely covered with pornography, including photographs of male coworkers visiting brothels in Thailand, as they frequently did, and photographs of animals copulating.   Copies of these images on the wall above her desk are attached as exhibits to documents in the lawsuit she filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, and I saw them.  One of them depicted a supervisor in bed with the caption, “We try to get you into bed.”

“What Happens In Basra, Stays in Basra”

There was no HR department in Basra, so Barker complained about her supervisor, Sherman Richardson, to someone she understood to be an HR employee working for the State Department, Charles Hermanen.  Hermanen said the woman Barker was replacing had complained of the same problems and had left because of them, and that other employees had complained about Richardson as well, but that “Sherman will be Sherman.”  This was Barker’s introduction to the oppressions and abuses she would experience in Basra, where the motto, it was said, was “What happens in Basra, stays in Basra.”

At one point private meetings were held by the State Department in conjunction with Halliburton where women– soldiers, contractors and State Department employees — were told they were not safe in Basra because of the men’s behavior.  They were warned NEVER to go anywhere alone.  They were told of break-ins into women’s quarters, theft of undergarments, and peeping Toms.  They were also told if they reported these meetings, they would lose their jobs. 

Sexual Harassment by Basra Camp Manager Craig Grabein

As time passed, Basra Camp Manager Craig Grabein, a married man in his 40s from Texas, began sexually harassing Barker, knocking on her door at all hours of the day and night, telling her he would protect her from all of the other predators there if she would have sex with him.

Scared, Barker determined to get to Kuwait to report these events to the Halliburton/KBR HR office there.  Every time she was scheduled to go, however, her name would be removed from the manifest at the last moment, so she couldn’t leave.  When she was finally able to leave, she was followed, threatened, then left alone in a staging area in Iraq in the middle of a war zone.  She hitched a ride to Kuwait on a food truck driven by a British soldier and rode 19 hours through a war zone, aghast as she passed starving children and insurgents all along the way.  She arrived in Kuwait only to be told by Halliburton employees to return to Basra and to say nothing.

She returned to Basra and found that all of her belongings had been removed from her room.

She began talking daily by phone with a woman employee of Halliburton/KBR, but she was not allowed to travel. 

Attempted Rape by U.S. Embassy Official Ali Mokhtare

Barker’s job in Basra was to see to it that equipment was functioning properly at the Basra camp or to see to  it that it was replaced.  One evening Ali Mokhtare (below), Deputy Regional Coordinator for the U.S. Regional Embassy Office in Basra, Iraq, the second highest ranking representative of the United States Government there, told Barker he was having trouble with his air conditioner.

Barker went to his quarters to investigate, but when she arrived, Mokhtare didn’t mention his air conditioner.  Instead, he asked whether she would like to join him in having a Jack Daniels and Coke.   Barker tasted the drink and found it very strong.  Barker spoke with Mokhtare about other job opportunities for herself and her husband.  But then, Mokhtare grabbed Barker’s blouse, told her he had been trying to see what was under her blouse all day, and attempted to kiss her.  She fought him, and he wouldn’t allow her to leave his room.   Instead he told her stories about “chop chop square” in Saudi Arabia where people lost their limbs and tongues and told her about a Filipino woman he heard of who had been raped repeatedly by a Saudi prince.  The woman had killed herself when no one believed her story. 

Barker was able finally to flee in terror with Mokhtare in pursuit, yelling at her in Farsi.  A woman who saw what was happening and who spoke Farsi told Barker Mokhtare was threatening her.  

Paraded Before Male Employees of Halliburton

Barker reported the attempted rape to Halliburton/KBR and State Department security and was again locked up for three days in a container and allowed no contact with anyone.   When she snuck out and used a pay phone to call her husband, who was trying to contact someone he knew from Black Water who might be able to rescue her, she was caught and forced to stay in the container for another day.  She spent her days in the locked container crying, pleading for help, and hiding under a bed holding a knife. 

After she had been in the container three days camp supervisors forced her to put on the clothes she had been wearing when Mokhtare attacked her — a shirt, vest and trousers — and to parade through a common area filled with men so they could determine whether the men found her clothing sexually provocative.  

Barker was consistently refused medical care and was not allowed to leave Basra. 

Meanwhile, Mokhtare had been questioned by security personnel about the incident.  This is what he said about the incident, taken directly from a Diplomatic Security Service Memorandum dated June 25, 2005, and filed as an exhibit in Barker’s Southern District of Texas lawsuit:

Subject [Mokhtare] stated that he and Barker had some initial job related discussions and the remainder of their conversation was professional.  Subject said that Barker wore a buttoned vest with a white undershirt underneath.  He claimed the vest and the shirt had plunging necklines.  Subject further stated that Barker continually pulled at her vest and shirt as if to expose her breasts.  Subject admitted that he pulled her vest and shirt opened (sic) and said to Barquer (sic) “What do you have behind there?”  [Investigator] asked subject if he thought Barker was interested in an advance or some type of romantic or sexual contact.  Subject repolied in the negative.  Upon further questioning… Subject said, “I admit it was an inappropriate move.”  He also said, “I made a mistake and it was stupid.”

… Subject claimed he conveyed several stories about briefings he received of Saudi misconduct and observations of  “chop/chop square” where punishments such as cutting out tongues and chopping off limbs took place.  Subject further stated that he told Barker a story abot a Saudi Prince who allegedly raped a Philipino woman who later committed suicide because no one believed her story….

[Investigator] asked what happened upon Barker’s departure.  Subject said that as Barker got up to leave he stood and they hugged at which point he kissed her cheek.  Subject further stated that Barker turned her hed towards his mouth giving him the impression that she wanted to be kissed.  Subject admitted that  Barker put her hand over her mouth and said no.  Subject said he released the  hug at that point and offered to walk her back to her accommodation trailer.

In other words, Mokhtare admitted he had attacked Barker and blamed her for his attacks.  It is interesting– when Barker recounted the events of that night, she remembered touching the pendant on a necklace given to her by her husband that she wore all of the time, the kind of thing we do as women when we are scared and are attempting to comfort ourselves. 

Mokhtare is still employed today by the State Department.

Raped by Camp Manager Craig Grabein

Hearing that a doctor had been stranded at the base, Barker contacted him, told him what happened, and ignoring the orders of her supervisors that she stay in Basra, the doctor placed her on a manifest to leave the next day.  She was given sleeping pills.  That night camp manager, Craig Grabein, the man who had been continually sexually harassing her, demanding sex from her in exchange for his “protection,” entered her room and raped her.  She woke up to find him on top of her.    She immediately reported the rape to the doctor and to authorities*.  She left Basra the next day.

Silenced at Home

When Barker returned to the United States, she was told by a State Department investigator, Lynn Falango, that Mokhtare would be stripped of his security clearance and prosecuted.  He never was.  Later Falango called Barker to tell her what had happened to Barker in Iraq was being covered up and that Barker should hire an attorney.  Falango said she had been told not to contact Barker again and that the case had been taken from her when she tried to get Mokhtare prosecuted.

A few months later Barker was surprised when she began receiving calls and correspondence from other women Halliburton/KBR employees who had also been raped in Iraq.  These women said Falango had given them Barker’s name and number as someone who had gone through the same thing and might be able to help, apparently since no one else could!  The inference is that one of the women who contacted Barker was Jamie Leigh Jones, although Jones’ name is not specifically mentioned in court documents as one of these women.

State Department Hush Money

In November of 2005, Barker received a phone call from Attorney Advisor, Henry Norcom, who worked with the Civil Rights Office of the State Department.  He offered her $3,500 to drop the allegations against Mr. Mokhtare.  Barker refused and was then told her case was closed. 

EEOC Finds in Favor of Barker

Barker had filed charges of discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation with the Houston Office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission once she got back to the U.S.  I read the EEOC reports and they found in favor of Barker,  and stated that Halliburton retaliated against Barker following her good faith report of sexual harassment, and that instead of addressing Barker’s complaint, they tried to orchestrate her termination. **

Civil Suits Dismissed

Barker filed a civil suit against Halliburton/KBR, Mokhtare, and others in the U.S.  District Court for both the Eastern and Southern Districts of Texas.  Her case was first moved from the Eastern to the Southern District, then was ultimately dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because of the “mandatory arbitration” clause Barker had signed with Halliburton/KBR.  In issuing his order on August 16, 2007, Judge Gray H. Miller wrote:

All of these arguments address the wisdom of arbitration as a whole and more specifically arbitration of sexual harassment claims. Whether it is wise to send this type of claim to arbitration is not a question for this court to decide. District courts are bound to follow the precedents set by higher courts. And, that precedent is quite clear: Barker’s claims are included within the ambit of claims proper for arbitration. Sadly, sexual harassment, up to and including sexual assault, is a reality in today’s workplace. …Although Congress has expressly exempted certain types of employment claims from the reach of the Federal Arbitration Act, it has not addressed sexual harassment claims. …Therefore, unless and until Congress tells the courts that binding contracts to arbitrate do not include these types of claims, Barker’s policy arguments cannot prevail. For all of the foregoing reasons, Barker’s claims must be arbitrated pursuant to the arbitration provision of her employment contract. (Bolds mine).

I noted that within the past month, a motion for consideration (basically an appeal of the judge’s decision) brought by Barker’s attorneys was denied. 

Judge Miller severed the complaints against Mokhtare and transferred them to the Eastern District of Virginia.  Mokhtare attempted there to be granted “certification,” which would exempt him from prosecution based on the fact that he was acting as an employee of the State Department and hence was immune from prosecution.  A couple of weeks ago, the Virginia judge denied Mokhtare this certification.  The case continues.


In the meantime, Tracy Baker has been all but silenced.  She was not allowed to tell her story to the Congressional investigatory committee.  She was not allowed to tell the most important parts of her story to ABC’s 20/20.***  She has been told by a Texas judge that her only option is mandatory, private arbitration with Halliburton/KBR, the company that allowed and ignored her rape, battering, imprisonment and abuse for over a year.   Hillary Clinton refused to help her because, said Clinton, Barker wasn’t a resident of the state of New York.  She is being told that having been sexually assaulted by a top-ranking State Department official, raped by a Halliburton camp manager, and continually sexually harassed, imprisoned and tormented throughout her employment in Iraq are  employment “grievances” to be resolved by arbitration.   She suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and cannot work.


I don’t know why Jamie Leigh Jones, who spent only four days in Iraq, has received the amount of publicity and support she’s received, compared with Barker who spent over a year there in both Baghdad and Basra.  I can’t help but wonder whether it is because, as Barker was told, “Gang rape sells, not sexual assault or ‘just’ rape.”  I wonder whether it might be, in part, because Barker is French Basque/Spanish and is hence a woman of color, therefore not the kind of complainant the blonde American Jamie Leigh Jones is, or because Jones’s father was the kind of man who could gain the immediate attention of a Republican legislator with a quick phone call, securing his daughter’s release within three days of the attacks on her.  I wonder if it might be, in part, because Barker is a mother of five, instead of a young woman in  her 20s with no children.  I wonder whether it was because Barker saw too much, knew too much, including about the attacks of Halliburton employees on Iraqi women as well as Halliburton employees.  I wonder if, despite Mokhtare’s own admissions, Barker going to his room  — even though as part of  her job, it was up to her to address the problem he said he had with his air conditioner — made her claims less interesting or credible somehow.  I suspect, in part, it might be because at times, Barker has seemed to castigate and blame herself, to express guilt and remorse for being unable in her drugged exhaustion to fight Craig Grabein off when he raped her, in the way, women often blame ourselves, as though it is up to us to keep men from raping us, instead of up to men to stop raping women. 

Whatever the reason, the silencing of Tracy Barker is an outrage.  Her story must be heard, and she must receive justice.  To that end, I have written this post.  Please, spread the word.

Tracy K. Barker’s website


* When the doctor, Dr. Pakkal, who rescued Barker, was later questioned, he said he had seen so many women who had been raped in Basra, he couldn’t remember Barker specifically.

** The EEOC found that Barker’s supervisors in Baghdad were abusive to both men and women in their charge and so they did not find that the supervisors’ abuse was on the basis of Barker’s sex.

*** Both the State Department and Halliburton/KBR declined to discuss Barker’s case with 20/20.

Sources for this article:

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  • Documents filed in Tracy K. and Glen D. Barker v. Halliburton, et al., U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria, Case No. 1:2007cv01231
  • The blogs and websites linked in this article.


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30 thoughts on “The Silencing of Tracy K. Barker: Sexually Assaulted by State Department Official, Raped by Halliburton/KBR Supervisor in Iraq, Denied Justice

  1. Both these women are brave survivors, thanks for this entire blog. It is so important. I had never heard of Tracy Barker til just now actually. :(* Most likely her story has been less told because after the first story (Jamie Leigh Jones’s) , the media becomes less willing to tell the news, fearing they will look too un-American if they tell these true stories. They are all completely controlled by corporations/govt, the govt/corporations, however you wnat to look at it. They are one and the same. They want the ratings, sure, so will tell one story, maybe two, but after that they are done. I wish women-friendly women ran the news for just ONE day!! Ok, a week. Ok, make it the rest of my lifetime.

    You have to go to places like truthout, or investigative journalists like Greg Palast, and feminist web sources for real news.

    Love, prayers and support and gratitude toward Tracy Barker and Jamie Leigh Jones!

    Posted by Jeyoani | May 5, 2008, 1:51 am
  2. Along with all of the abuse that has happened to Tracy Barker Congressman Ted Poe claimed Tracy Barker came through his office for help to the media which was inaccurate. After this statement was made Tracy took it upon herself to ask for help and Congressman Poe turned her down. A statement to the comittee at the Congressional hearing was submitted on behalf of Tracy Barker she never wrote. After 4 months of trying the Committe wont return phone calls or pull this slanderous statment of Tracy Barker. Finally the truth comes out Thank you for watching out for rape victims that are being abused and used after coming home. Every Halliburton/KBR SEII rape victim deserves justice but it shouldn’t be a the price of abusing people. Didn’t ABC 2020 promise Tracy that they would cover her story from beginning to end if she did this October 2007 interview? another question why wasnt the award given out a few ago to another alleged rape victim shared with Tracy Barker since she was also one of the first to bring public awareness this also was presented by Congressman Ted Poe

    Posted by brandon bernal | May 5, 2008, 2:42 pm
  3. To Jeyonai
    Tracy Barker and Jamie leigh Jones both did the abc 2020 interview and attended the Congressional hearing in DC that what the UTUBE video is showing above and the picture ABC 2020 it was not after Jamie Liegh Jones story ran they were ran together that is the whole point

    Posted by brandon bernal | May 5, 2008, 2:46 pm
  4. I am Cindy Morgan. I first talked about what happened to me in my book that was released in June 2006. I was not the first woman to be assaulted in Kuwait or Iraq and Tracy and Jamie are NOT the last. There are many women like us that have been assaulted while working there. Some are female soldiers, American female workers and some are third country nationals. All are told to keep it quiet!

    I don’t talk about what happened to me because I have not dealt with it and have received no help. What is in my book is the only thing out there about it. I don’t want to remember what I do remember, and I damn sure don’t want to remember that which my mind has seen fit to block out. It is to painful and I am living with the nightmares as best I can.

    But you need to look deeper and wider and you will find MANY more women that have had to suffer this kind in cruelty. I just hope that through Tracy and Jamie, two that apparently have received help and can talk about and deal with it, those of us that can’t, will also have a voice and be heard. And maybe, just maybe, some will receive help and not have to suffer that YEARS of nightmares that I and those before me have had to suffer.

    Posted by White Rose | May 5, 2008, 5:26 pm
  5. Tracy
    I am sorry that this has happened to you I hope Congress pays attention and starts investigating your case along with all victims before and after you but I dont understand why your case has been ignored when it was ran together that is horrible. I hope you and all victims find peace…..

    Posted by Senta Railey | May 5, 2008, 5:56 pm
  6. Hi Brandon I understand the facts you shared. However Jamie Leigh Jones’ story has received more attention by far. If you youtube both their names Jamie Leigh Jones is on many more interviews and her photo and name are highlighted, etc. Whereas look up Tracy Barker and she comes up only once on youtube. I also had a hard time finding her at the congressional hearings– I can find Jamie Leigh Jones’ testimony given there but not Barker’s. The full details of her story (including that she was eventually raped) are not very readily available through news. Investigative journalists (at least) should be helping and probing the secrecy around her story– they aren’t, or if they are theya re journalists with very little voice or forum. Thank God Heart has chosen to write this piece however and that Ms. Barker has given herself her own forum and voice though her website.

    My point was that news is not interested in telling true stories about women or investigating them or criticizing/analyzing the reasons why their stories are shrouded in secrecy because they are notabout to get in trouble w/their corporate sponsors. It is obvious to me by reading the facts of their stories that Tracy Barker is being silenced even more than Jamie Leigh Jones was by the military and Halliburton–one can see that easily. Obviously they do not want her to be able to share the details of her story as “easily” as Jamie Leigh Jones was able to, as more than one woman going through this draws too much attention. So they are silencing her as much as they can without drawing too much attention to themselves because afterall they aren’t *completely* silencing her. the other women who’ve been abused, raped by American servicemen and Halliburton employees? They mainly don’t even have to worry about them speaking up. They are trying to make examples of Barker and Jones.

    Consider this in the original blog, above:

    * When the doctor, Dr. Pakkal, who rescued Barker, was later questioned, he said he had seen so many women who had been raped in Basra, he couldn’t remember Barker specifically.

    And again, this fact, spoken by a doctor, could easily be seized upon by media but it isn’t. American service and Iraqi women are being abused sexually every minute in Iraq but they are kept silenced and the media cannot be counted on to truly get this news out or care to investigate it although they would indeed have thousands of stories to tell. If you read through this blog you will find many more stories of abuses of US military women for example, at the hands of servicemen, and these abuses go on and on. My own cousin for example was raped by servicemen and then the military gave *her* a dishonorable discharge. This stuff goes on at an alarming rate but news does not report it. It’s not like the stories are not there. They are all too abundant. It’s not just horror stories women live that news will not cover or will cover very lightly–

    Discovery channel was going to feature “Taxi to the Dark Side” which was a factual documentary on the life of Afghan taxi driver (an innocent) tortured to death by the US military–they did not feature it as it was “too controversial” however it presents nothing but factual history. This is obviously just one small example, one of thousands.

    That said I am happy that ABC news did choose to run the feature w/both Tracy Barker and Jamie Leigh Jones and that many other television media have featured at least Jamie Leigh Jones’ story.

    Posted by Jeyoani | May 6, 2008, 4:47 pm
  7. Just to be clear I was responding to comment four–I didn’t see three til just now (I don’t think it was there yet?) .

    But at any rate I don’t think we have a disagreement, especially after reading your comment three.

    Posted by Jeyoani | May 6, 2008, 4:56 pm
  8. The full details of her story (including that she was eventually raped) are not very readily available through news.

    Jeyoani, so true. In going through the records and exhibits filed in her lawsuit, I found documents in which Barker describes being raped very clearly. But somebody — not Barker herself — submitted a “statement” on Barker’s behalf for the Congressional hearing, something she did not write, which says she was exhausted and drugged and so she “didn’t resist” Grabein. It’s unbelievable that someone would write something like this for the hearing that was not true and would submit it in Barker’s name. I don’t know all of the ins and outs of how this might have happened, but I do know that I read Barker’s own description, in her own words, of being raped. I have been told by family members of Barker (via e-mail) that she had nothing to do with the statement submitted for the congressional hearing and she did not author it or sign it.

    So far as the word getting out, Alternet picked up on the story via its “Peek” section yesterday that features excerpts from blogs. It’s got Feminist Peace Network’s post linking to this one. Also, a reporter from a Fort Worth newspaper e-mailed me yesterday wanting to do a story on Barker and I forwarded her e-mail on to relatives of Barker. I’m so glad the word is getting out.

    Posted by womensspace | May 6, 2008, 5:07 pm
  9. This is just beyond the pale!

    Posted by Satsuma | May 6, 2008, 7:40 pm
  10. As a man and an OIF veteran I am horrified at the thought that one of us could do this to one of our own. I hope and pray that anyone guilty of heinous crimes such as this would be punished to the full extent of the law. However I temper this with the understanding that all accused are innocent until proven guilty. Anger is an emotion that cannot weigh into justice or law. While I am saddened and troubled by the thought that anyone in that hellhole would have to suffer in such a way I also know that the vast majority of men in Iraq would never allow such a thing to happen and would quite honestly not hesitate to send a bullet downrange to stop such a crime from happening. I know I would not. I would then be judged by 12 but she would not have to suffer.

    Posted by FTM29 | May 7, 2008, 6:43 am
  11. Oh, bull.

    I don’t want men to shoot at rapists. I want men to not rape. And I want men not to tolerate rapists. Don’t shoot them; shame them.

    Problem is, that’s harder, isn’t it. You don’t get to be the Big Guy Hero when you turn somebody in to the authorities against the brother-code, nor when you believe the word of a woman over that of a man who says she was drunk and is just feeling guilty now, nor when you stop being a man’s friend because he’s uses dehumanizing language about women, nor when you tell male friends in no uncertain terms to stop treating women poorly. No, then you’re a fussypants and that’s actually HARD and not that FUN. Much harder and less fun than playing Rapist-Rambo!

    So, spare me “innocent until proven guilty” (when it comes to actually prosecuting rape a woman has alleged) combined with your entitlement to simply start shooting when YOU think something’s wrong. It speaks volumes.

    Posted by funnie | May 7, 2008, 4:57 pm
  12. And to think,

    there are some feminists, in socialist/communist and yes, many who fought for ERA [and the DRAFT of women],

    are still fighting for the draft of women today.

    and the ludicrous assertion that if more women are in the military and on the front lines, somehow the sexism and sexual violence towards women would stop, or that the military would become,

    kinder and softer.

    I question, where the hell are these women Today that pushed so hard for equal opportunity in the Armed Services? Because I sure as hell don’t see a kinder and softer military, do you?

    Just last year, Radical Women had an article about the gret merits of GI Jane,

    I wonder, how many of those same women would praise the GI Jane mentality if they were the ones serving having to fight off rape on a Daily basis, having been raped, or continually being raped and then finding that the Military, that our Government, that our Society,

    does Nothing, and that the Rapists not only get by with with impunity but get Promoted as well?

    I still remember all the hate comments that some of the Conservative feminists got when they fought the passage of ERA over this very issue, and some still who are treated with vile contempt when they dare speak up against the toleration of cultural relativism and religions that Sanctify and even DEMAND the rape and demonizing of women.

    Now before I get misunderstood here, I’m in NO WAY SAYING that women in the military deserve getting raped or are somehow at fault, THEY ARE NOT, and I support the right of women to be in the military so don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here,

    BUT, it has always been my strong belief, that while some of the best warriors in history have been WOMEN, in the majority of cases, such as WWII, etc., there have been Women ONLY units,

    and I strongly believe thats what is needed, and until then, we will never see an end to the rapes of women in the Military…because the belief that just having a women’s presence in times of war, somehow means a kinder and softer military,

    is just sheer bullshit.

    And the Iraq war has proven it beyond a shadow of doubt. You don’t END militarization and violence against women by including women in the patriarchal scheme of things, same reason why women in the capitalist economy as CEOs and as members of the economic elite doesn’t end the feminization of poverty or sexual exploitation of women and children due to economic factors.

    The issue I’m pointing to here is the Fallacy of the Degender belief, that if somehow you rid of gender, the problems of misogyny just magically disappear,

    it simply isn’t true.

    When I read about the rapes of women in Iraq [American and Iraqi women, and not just by Americans but by men period, INCLUDING THE sanctions of rape/child rape via religion and all the other garbage out there], its not just patriarchy I get angry at,

    or militarization or religion or capitalism…

    why the thinking of it just being the US, mean imperialist US is the problem, doesn’t cover half of it either, because this goes on everywhere, and in many places rape isn’t even something that is punishable, except to women, e.g. Pakastan.

    But I have to add, I get angry [livid in fact] at the feminists who have some responsibility to these women, because I don’t see a lot of rage coming from feminist groups [other than the anti-war groups and this place here, Women’s Space] on the rapes of women combatents, women workers by American men,

    not only do I not see rage but I see alot of ‘silence’ on the issue. When abortion is being challenged, you see women in this country getting all upset and on the streets,

    but when women, time and time again are reporting how they are being raped in Iraq,

    nothing, nada,

    almost like its some sort of accepted thing. This goes way beyond the ‘rape culture’ or even the porn culture in this nation,

    it goes way beyond racism because its not just women of color being raped in Iraq [though statistically I’ve read that more women of color are raped in Iraq–BUT, just one thing to add to that–

    its the Poor women or women from the lower economic strata in this nation, in the military, that are being raped with impunity and there is absolutely no outrage over this, not only that,

    government/military is PROTECTING THIS CRIME.

    And I bring up Class because its not just women being raped in high numbers, men too, though we don’t Hear about it,

    if you read the reports by the Veterans for Peace, including the Women working to bring justice to the countless victims of rape in Iraq [including the workers, e.g., Haliburton, etc], the numbers of men, being raped is extremely high,

    its called Command Rape, and its something our Military, is a huge part of and promotes,

    so its not only that if a white woman reports it that it gets attention, but if its a person with some ‘wealth’ or influence, that reports it…that it gets a bit more attention,

    or gets attention at all. In other words, its not just gender, its not just race,

    its CLASS,

    and the environment of the military, is Blatant Revelation of what our SOCIETY IS AS A WHOLE,

    it makes the Roman Empire look tame in comparison.

    In addition,

    while Veterans for Peace [the women’s section] is addressing this issue of the sexual violence toward women in Iraq/in militarized zones,

    the anti-war movement as a whole [because I worked in it for years] and the leftists,

    don’t Even want to bring the issue up, much less address it. Its not just the US government at fault, or Haliburton or society,

    you can place Just as much blame, on the anti-war movement [dare I say it but I will] on their Deliberate silence and INDIFFERENCE

    to these women.

    and whats worse,

    is the Indifference I witnessed, not by the men only,

    but by a few women, because if they were to address these crimes against women,

    it would mean opening up the whole debate on women in war zones [including women in military/or non-combatant services during war] and That would mean,

    bringing up the issue of gender. Some I’m sorry to say, would rather deal with a few women being raped and gang raped as collateral damage [though they will attack US imperialism],

    than to maybe, just maybe accept, that maybe the conservative women, had some Valid POINTS.

    Because the bottom line is, in both economics and military, when women have joined to achieve equality–

    its been on the virtue of MALE VALUES,

    not women’s, and we’ll never have a kinder and gentler world, as long as we continue, to try to sweeten up male patriarchy, with a few feminine whiles.

    It simply doesn’t pan out…this includes having reverse matriarchy with a patriarchal mentality…same damn thing,

    I don’t know the answers, to so much of these problems but I do know this much,

    the degender feminists [Marxists, Socialists and yes, Liberal feminists] in this nation, have done a huge disservice to countless women, young women especially, and it isn’t just the military at fault,

    some of the blame goes to the older women who pushed for women in war zones/combat, etc., in the 70s and 80s, and who have since then, turned their backs on these women.

    Because most of them, were upper middle class or elites, WHITE, and knew Damn well, they wouldn’t be the ones,

    on the war front.

    They to me, are Just as accountable as the US government, the military, and Haliburton,

    but I doubt, if few will have the courage, to say so.

    Posted by Tasha | May 7, 2008, 7:28 pm
  13. I wonder how many other women are feeling the same way I do right now. It’s taken years, building up, little by little, after hearing story after story like these. But finally, I am simply feeling that anyone (male OR female) who approves of, enables, or practices rape should simply be hunted and killed like some kind of rabid beast. (I don’t mean to insult animals, I just need to compare these a*holes to something.) If a man can’t control himself enough to live in human society around women, without attacking them, then he does not deserve to live. He’s like a dog that mauls somebody— put him to sleep!

    “What if nobody is left?” Well, then I guess nobody is left. Wouldn’t trouble me too much. I am starting to think the human race is an evolutionary defect that has only survived by a twist of fate.

    And for those people saying violence is not the answer, well it seems to be the answer to every other problem! Wars have been fought for almost every reason but they will never be fought over the treatment of women. Even most women don’t seem to care about their own basic dignity and safety. Steal someone’s car, people think they should get the sh*t beaten out of them. Rape a woman, its just a slap on the wrist. And if you think more should be done, you are “radical”!!

    Lay your hands on an unwilling animal and get bitten, everybody will say you deserved it, that you should have backed off. Lay your hands on an unwilling woman and get shot…well, its HER fault, for not submitting fast enough. Even an animal is allowed to defend itself before a woman. She’s just supposed to hug her attacker and have a good cry and not inconviencience him. Does that make sense to you? not to me!

    So you can also count me in the “mean monstrous violent feminazi” category. I don’t think any of this brutality against women will ever end until a certain number of women start lashing back with brutality of their own. Why not? Everything else seems to be moving us backwards, not forwards. I am sick of being told to be nice and peaceful when mostof the world seems determined to hate us no matter what.

    Posted by MoiraJ | May 7, 2008, 9:28 pm
  14. MoiraJ,

    Hear you loud and clear and I’ve wondered about this too,

    in fact, lol, I tried to start a Women’s Liberation Army,

    only to be met with either aloofness or just outright fear, that I was crazy or something,

    I attempted this while working in far left, and sad to say, it flopped, the interest just wasn’t out there.

    I got the idea from reading about women in India, that did get fed up with the police/system treating rape as if it was nothing, and some of these women formed mobs and started going after these men who rape,

    and burned down their houses. Needless to say, not long after that, the Police started taking serious attention and addressing the problem [I’ll see if I can find that story], but when I brought this up to the socialists,

    they laughed and said it was crazy, I mean I heard every excuse under the sun [commies too], and it wasn’t so much the men that bothered me,

    it was the silence of the women, that hurt, I mean I just couldn’t understand for the life of me how these women could support women bombers in Palestine or support regimes that are notorious for using women and children as ‘shields’ to fight MEN’s wars [religious or political]

    yet, the idea of women forming an army to defend themselves from rape/violence,

    was met with the idea being absurd. Its brothers who should protect them, the idea is,

    but the ironic twist, hell the Brothers are raping them too.

    OR I got the, you can’t take on man’s nature, and I see those points, I’m no supporter of misandry by no means…

    but there is a difference between a genocidal plan against men, and an army/strategy to DEFEND a gender from the other’s violence,

    a HUGE difference.

    When in looking into this, I looked into the women who did fight back, and found historical cases of either small minorities who fought back [like the women in Poland who fought the Nazi’s] or the women in Mussolini’s Italy that fought in the underground resistance,

    or women in Soviet Union [Night Witches] who were pilots,

    but one thing that I noticed, is that they were all women units only, and the thing is,

    when women are solitary or a minority in a midst of many men, Especially in a war zone, they are easy targets, one woman can’t fight off twenty men with guns, fists, etc.,

    but now, fifty women can fight off twenty men, BUT–then what comes to mind, is the Spanish Anarchist women in WWII I believe, or maybe during Spanish War [Franco], where all the women combatents were slaughtered, but I haven’t done enough reading on that [seen the famous photograph why I remember it], but that possibly could have been due to unequal strength in numbers/and arms.

    But you are right, animals can defend themselves but women are demonized if they defend themselves…and thats a GREAT example btw, one I never thought of,

    but animals have more rights to self-preservation than women do.

    That says volumes doesn’t it?

    But the problem I think with getting women together like this is the myth or belief that ‘it won’t happen to them’,

    that somehow they are insulated from the violence in one way or another, or maybe fear…maybe the fear that, as long as they don’t look at it, it really isn’t as bad as people say,

    and especially in places where though violence against women exists, its not like in the comparisons of other places where brutal violence is like in the streets and on daily basis. And in those places, even before war/conflict breaks out, brutal violence against women is sanctioned and accepted through years of indoctrination and systematic legal sanctions of, so that women don’t even get to that place of a consciousness of it [generally speaking, exceptions to this obviously as there are women in prisons for fighting in these types of systems].

    So that leads me to believe, that women often choose to hide/retreat or to not look at or confront because that is how they choose to deal with violence,

    the flight or flee response, and women often choose to flee.

    Because in fighting, there is that very real threat of death, and more violence and not overcoming and that I think holds so many women back [same as the backlash effect and why so many women just say to hell with it and do the best they can under the circumstances].

    So there are several things at work there/here, and too, I found women who have suffered horrible male violence, are so damaged by it, that they have a hard enough time just living again and confronting that violence to fight it, is just like, trigger after trigger after trigger,

    because it is, WARFARE,

    what women do on this space is WARFARE, whether they realize it or not and it does cost in wounds, it really does.

    And its a brutal warfare because women who take a stand against porn or prostitution or racism or domestic violence or rape, etc., get slammed from every side,

    and thats just the emotional toll.

    I had a lot of anger at the women in far left who stayed silent, until I walked away for a while and even got out of fighting anything, and just retreated for a bit and realized, just the impact it had on me when I was heavily persecuted by comrades for taking a stand for women,

    I didn’t realize just how much it was rape, though they didn’t rape me physically, they still raped me, hard to explain but then I had to deal with the ‘why did I open up or why did I put myself into that situ’ and the same psychology,

    and for a while there, I thought, it simply isn’t worth it and I focused on Martha Stewart and cooking and gardening for a while, I know don’t laugh people but seriously, I finally understood why women just turn to those things and work on creating beauty,

    because its the one area, usually, that men don’t have control in, in other words, it gave me a whole new appreciation of women’s space,


    then I got angry at hiding, got angry that, it started to feel like a prison of sorts,

    damnit sometimes its just a no win you know,

    but I understand a lot more now why women Don’t join in the fight, or they find other ways to resist and retreating sometimes isn’t just like, not caring or not wanting change, its just a way of protecting and even snubbing the male world,

    BUT you are right–eventually you run out of hiding spaces and not only that,

    doesn’t matter how much one retreats, even animals who flee, eventually the predators come to the hiding places and seek them out until yes, one day that animal has to fight…

    you know though Doves are peaceful birds [I do small rescue for parrots and doves] but anyway since they are peaceful animals, people think they don’t fight–NOT TRUE,

    birds do flee, but when push comes to shove, they’ll fight, including doves, and they’ll lie on their backs and fight to the death…

    so nature has given life the ability to fight, that surviver instinct–

    question is, though, what has over centuries, robbed that from Women?

    And thats the true root of the evil in Patriarchy and that is how it has indoctrinated, even brainwashed /conditioned women through centuries into the belief that they do not have a right,

    to that instinct.

    Or to act on it.

    One reason men hate feminists [and some women] and I’m talking general terms here, is that

    there is POWER in many women, coming together and fighting oppression.

    Why the Nationalists, my theory, really started going after women because the way to control women is to put guilt on them for being in solidarity with women of the ‘other’,

    get what I’m saying…its a real threat.

    IF in Iraq, the women, Muslims and Americans were to get together with guns, and form an Army just to protect women,

    I can guarantee you, the men fighting each other, no matter What ideology or what religion, would get together, and go after the women…sure they’d blame each other for not ‘controlling’ their women or for ‘causing their women to rebel’ [like they do in theory],

    but they’d sure as quick do what they could, using violence, to stop those women in their tracks,

    and thats exactly why, like Women in Black gets the persecution they do, by both sides or all sides in the conflict–they are a threat,

    not just to the war mongers, but to the Patriarchs.

    And I believe that is why, in every absolutist ideology and authoritarian ideology is so against feminism,

    the first thing those seeking power or seeking to maintain power over citizens/people is they disarm them,

    then they cause divisions among them.

    Once they do those two [and they kill the intellectuals as well] then you have absolute control,

    the reason the military doesn’t have all women’s units,

    is because they can control them that way…

    but now, in addition, segregation doesn’t work either,

    because its Three things they do [power positions], they Disarm them too,

    and kill the intellectuals,

    and with women, they disarm them by forcing economic dependence, controlling their sexuality, conditioning them with guilt and self-hate beliefs, etc.,

    they divide them not just by nationality/ethnicity but by the setting up of private ownership via marriages,

    and they kill the intellectuals,

    everything or every God, is MALE.

    and all women are evil are are 80% hell or are less than, blah blah blah and all that other b.s. that men have done with religion to control women,

    so women have been challenging those devices that the oppressors use,

    but maybe too, one area we don’t focus much on, is that challenging women’s belief/or conditioning about

    self defense, not just as individuals,

    but as women, as a group.

    Until we challenge that, I often wonder, just how much, in not challenging that we somehow might be helping the oppressor in keeping women divided…

    and I’ve used the nation analogy, but the analogy of animals defending themselves and people being fine with that,

    describes the problem way better…really exposes just how internalized oppression in women has become.

    Posted by Tasha | May 9, 2008, 9:28 pm
  15. This women Tracy Barker opened her heart and family to hep this victim Jamie leigh Jones after the attorneys demanded Tracy to bring Jamie to the case they used Tracy falsely presented her case to Congress and the media and dumped her 3 hours after arbitration and 6 days before expert witness were due in a Virginia court against one of Tracy assailants (which the Barkers were unaware of this hearing and told that it still wasnt accepted in Virginia yet) After 3 years of asking Hillary Clinton for help Tracy gets letters from Clinton stating she cannot help because Tracy is not from NY… But the minute Clinton is running for office she demands Justice for Jamie Jones a women from Texas??? These attorneys Todd Kelly Stephanie Morris screwed up Barkers case but used her evidence and witness statements about Tracy with Tracy’s name removed in order to promote Jamie Jones. Look on all of the media and UTUBE you put Tracy’s name and Tracy’s face comes up with Jamie Jones written on it. Tracy Barker deserves Justice. Look at Justice they claim they are for Tracy too but have a huge picture of Jamie and a poll and barely mention Tracy. Look at Louise Slaughters letter a big story about Jamie Jones and a tthe bottom a one line sentence about Tracy. Congressman Poe has been a very big part of this abuse the Barker family has demanded answers. The Committee has also ignored the Barkers when they informed them that a Congressional statement was submitted that Tracy never wrote or approved that was in support of Jamie and lied about Tracy’s rape. This whole thing about being drugged put in a shipping container and using someones cell phone for help is all out Tracy’s case with proof medic report, hr statements of container, eap report of being left in the desert, kevin rodgers statement that Jamie Jones submitted to the Houston Chronicle as hers, this has to end stop these people now from abusing other victims. I guess the attorneys thought Tracy’s story sounded good so they used it telling Tracy gang rape sells for a book and movie deal and we want a white Texas women not someone like you. Excuse me Tracy is American too. They used Tracy then dumped her This is the biggest discrimination case of all history this is America please demand answers!

    To womens space can we please start a petition today demanding answers of why this is allowed to happen and submit them to Congress? Lets petition and hav every women across America sign it so that no one else is re victimized or abused after coming home. This army wife rape survivor deserves more than this who cares if she isnt white or from texas this is wrong

    Posted by Jackie | May 11, 2008, 2:38 pm
  16. I like to address everyone posted above accept Brandon Bernal.
    Cindy- I dont understand you, you state that you did not talk about what happened to you but yet you wrote some book and have to place it everywhere Tracy shows up. I have never heard of you. You claim you are not the first or last thats an obvious thing when dealing with rape in a corporation who can really say who was first in the whole USA, the point Tracy makes here is that she was in Iraq from 2004 to 2005, upon coming home FOUR MONTHS after her investigation was underway Jamie Leigh Jones came to her for help by getting Tracys phone number from the investogator. Tracy does not compare herself to you or anyone else, not everything is about you and your book. What the family is saying is that Tracy had brought this out first, If you wanted to be first you should have done that. Tracy is stating that “Look! Jamie came to her she helped Jamie and what did she get in return, being used, re victimized. Growing up we are taught to help those and never to expect anything in return it should also include abuse. Like Jamie you tagged Tracys name on google and every where else. When you click on that link it goes straight to your website of military and “Your Book” and a 2 sentence statement about Tracy being married to a man in the Army by Jana Crowder. I dont understand why Tracy has to be used, cant you and everyone else who continue to use Tracy leave the whole family alone? Allow us to get justice for Tracy, allow us to concentrate on justice for Tracy instead of having to respond to people like you, its a waste of our time but is warranted. Do you realize when people like you and Jamie Jones claims things off of Tracys back and especially when you are trying to promote a book as well it makes it harder for us to get justice. The only website, media that has ever posted anything accurate about Tracy is this website. The only one!! Why, because the editor actually read and listened to us. The editor atually did her homework and research instead of copying and pasting like all of the other medias did, I know for a fact now that if I want to hear about truth this is the only place I can find it, This website is more then welcome to write accurate statements. Ted Poe passes Tracy off as a third victim coming to his office this was a down out lie, what did this cause well, she could be questioned as to dates and times all because of this idiot wanting fame of saving a few souls. I dont knock what you have been through, rape is horrible I know I lived it 20 years ago and unfortunantely its a horrible violation that never goes away, always looking behind your back.
    You wrote your book for your reasons, but what gives you the right to start blogging about your book wherever Tracys name shows up. You are not sincere at all, or sensitive to the wounds that remain open on Tracy as you pour salt into these wounds and re victimize her again.

    What is it with this whole situation. We just want justice, we dont look for interviews or prance around with smiles doing interviews. We dont look for ghost writers and pay 20k out so we can get money off of this. A victim normally would have a very hard time dealing with everything, time heals all wounds indeed but are you really healed.
    If your comment was your sorry for the pains Tracy has been through and other victims because you were a victim of your claims I would say yes you are genuinly a person to listen to, but to say “Oh I was before her and wrote a book. Who F…ing Cares!!!! Our government is not standing up for the inncocent, for rape victims for the US. Thats what we should be talking about Justice for all rape victims, and if you werent raped but fondled will same goes for you to. No one should be a victim and no one should gain fame or advertise for a book sale or deal off the backs of victims like Tracy Barker who has a legitimate case, evidence and sworn affidatives. Tracys story has never changed not once!! Has Tracy ever tagged her name to your sight? Or try to gain justice through your “Book Deal” No in fact Tracy hasnt even written a book she is just trying to seek justie is that so wrong? I ask you. Our father and grandfathers before him fought in many wars, shot and even killed. The blood line going as far back as before the Civil War just to provide the same blanket of freedom that you and I and Cindy and the Jamies of the world could live under. There are many that have been in wars to contribute to the freedom, but is it so wrong for a daughter of a veteran grand daughter or family to want justice without people like you Cindy and Jamie bringing the case down with your pity BS of it happened to me and I have a book or looking for a screen play or claiming someone went through a foundation or to their office all because of publicity? We are sick and tired of people like you not leaving us alone by comparing your rape stories as you rape us of our dignity and spirit.

    I hope you get justice for what happened to you, I hope you can make a deifference in the world and contribute wisdom from that book of yours with out selfeshness all about you, I hope that perhaps words of wisdom can rise of the filth that our government passes out these days acting like justice does not exist.

    I hope that one day people will look back at this and what congress has done and learn from it.

    Posted by Denise Howland | May 12, 2008, 10:48 pm
  17. To the writer of the column
    You are wrong about the EEOC filing they investigated and ruled on behalf of Barker 5 viloations we need to clarify this and Dr David Pakkal remenbered Tracy and Jamie he just didnt remember what assault was who because there were so many some of the quotes at the bottom were from Ali statement not Tracy’s she never drank anything maybe your confused with Jamie Jones and her two drinks? and the Congressional hearing statement which Barker never wrote what is this article really about?

    Posted by Jackie | May 14, 2008, 2:36 pm
  18. there will be and amedment with proper counsel with proof Barker was drugged assaulted and put in a shipping container this mess is what you get when you have Attorneys take advantage of you passing theirselves off as victims advocates while you are in the hospital pregnant with twins all of 2007 after they demanded Barker to bring Jamie Jones to the case. You become re victimized by Attorneys and their unethical practices and your story and case and abuse is stolen from you your documents are filed in another suit and not even eye witness accounts are attached to Barkers filings. Did you know that Attorney George Cire demanded arbitration for Jamie Jones too? If its not fixed than In guess Tracy can sue these clowns
    hey does anyone know nif you can sue a Congressman for discriination. Has anyone else been re victiized and used for a number through any foundation or Congress

    Posted by Jackie | May 14, 2008, 2:47 pm
  19. Jackie, re the EEOC, based on my reading of the EEOC reports (filed in the lawsuit in Texas), the EEOC ruled on behalf of Barker for her claims with respect to her treatment in Basra, but not in Baghdad. They found that the Baghdad supervisors were abusive to everybody, but the Basra supervisors specifically targeted Tracy Barker for sexual harassment.

    Thanks for the clarification re Dr. Pakkal, that makes sense. I’m not sure what comment about drinks you are referring to, but I recall reading Barker’s statement where she described watching Mokhtare mix drinks for the two of them, Jack Daniels and Coke, and pour a lot more Jack Daniels into her drink than into his own. According to her statement she tasted it, found it way too strong, and set it aside, telling Mokhtare she’d take it with her. Mokhtare drank his, as I recall.

    I hope Barker’s current attorneys do a good job for her– she certainly deserves it.

    Posted by womensspace | May 14, 2008, 3:26 pm
  20. Hello Jeoyani, I would like to start here as I will continue to proceed to finally tell exactly what happened to Tracy K Barker and why you can not find her as much. Allow me to enlighten you. Tracy K Barker was in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 one whole year. While there she endured drugged, raped, sexually assaulted, left in the middle of the iraqi desert for 19 hours for dead. She was refused medical attention and locked in her living container on two seperate occassions and refused the toilet and given a bottle to urinate in. When she snuck out to call her husband Galen of the Army she got caught at a pay phone and sent back to her living container. Kevin Rodgers writes a sworn statement how he helped Tracy by lending her his cell phone and Letty Surman writes a sworn statement about the events in Basra. Now all these documents and more you will be able to view on in two days. And for the attorneys that tried so hard to shut us up yes its me Denise Tracys sister! Let me tell you Tracy is breaking her silence and soon you will here of everything in the public eye. Lets just say we are no longer going to sit in the back of the bus and have finally been given that green light. My mother works for the DEA and my father is government as well. Its pretty sad when a gang rape victim such as Jones revictimizes Tracy just to get ahead on her case. Jones came to Tracy for help 4 months after Tracy had been home. A Halliburton employee flew out to get Jones from Iraq and stayed with Jones. Jones was never in Basra and therefore the witness statements of Tracys should have never been submitted to congress or the media what so ever. Lets just say there will be much to answer. Its a sad day when an alledged gang rape victim is so desperate that Jones would do alot to run over the person that helped her when she returned. Not once does Jones give credit where credit is deserved.
    Tracy only cared about justice thats all and did not believe in stepping on someone to do this. You do not find Tracy at the congressional hearing because she was forbidden to talk. She never met Ted Poe in her life until that day. She never heard of the Jones Foundation until that day and never once came through any foundation.
    We called Congressman Conyers to notify him of certain things taht were submitted and they could care less. We were actually told that policies matter and not so much documentation. Thats our government and we could not even believe it. Tracy asked for Hilary Clintons help in ’05 Clinton turned Tracy down because she was not a resident of NY however does a husband serving his country for 25 years count? How about our father who was shot in the Vietnam War. How about our ancestors who also founght in the war and a cousin in Desert Storm. It amazes me that the government does not hesitate to promote joining the military but fails to mention that they will not be there for you when you need them. If any one dares bother to read and research as womens space did one would find alot more. We were not allowed to say anything because we would defame Jones. We were told not to say anything because gang rape sells and rape and assault does not. Tracy never succombed to anyones advances or rape. Tracy was drugged which you can see the report on her web site we have created. This was another thing, we created this web site a long time ago and was told to tear it down. Why? I can only imagine that it was because the truth was being told and the truth is identical to the story Jones has been telling. I personally was threatened by one of the attorneys because I posted the truth about Tracys case after the congressional hearing. I was told who cares about the truth as long as Jones caucas was out there gaining attention. I was told that gang rape sells, I was also told that if my parents government employees, and I ever blogged the truth again Tracy would be dropped at the most vulnereable moment of her case. Tracy was actually revictimized all over again. And all the while Jones gains all this support lacking Tracy all because people in this world do not know how to read facts and research before posting anything.

    I appreciate your attention and of course I can not think this website enough to opening the door and allowing the facts to be know.

    My family says thank you to the editor.

    Posted by Denise Howland | June 17, 2008, 10:09 am
  21. This is absolutely vile and disgusting. No woman should ever be forced into sex against their will. For this company to NOT decry and pursue any and all possible charges against their employees is another rape of human decency. If I was in charge of that company, there ain’t no way any of my employees would get away with this kind of atrocious behavior. I would be all over the media saying these men will be pursued in all way possible to prosecute and punish. Punishment is a deterrence to future crime! Sweeping it under the rug is promoting the behavior.

    Posted by sarajane | June 18, 2008, 2:08 pm
  22. I believe that the judges are making a mistake by allowing arbitration instead of a jury trial. Employment contracts are, in my opinion, like any other contracts. They must be written to be within the law to be legal. If someone is abducted, raped, held against their will, kidnapped and humiliated, how can the employment contract be justified as a legal document. I think this goes well beyond the scope of any employment contract and the judges should recognize this and allow a jury trial

    Posted by pattyo | June 18, 2008, 2:10 pm
  23. that’s disgusting that she could be violated like that and be kept in a cell. Thankfully one of the guards named Kevin Rodgers helped her out by giving her his cell phone. I am glad you brought this to the attention of the public and by being strong you were able to help Jamie Leigh Jones, so many women have come forward after you including Jones thank you. I am sorry that Jones took your witness statements and submitted them to the press dont worry people will know the truth hang in there you dont need Congressman Ted Poe or attorneys that pay PR to get the truth of this matter since you have been home keep fighting

    Posted by pattyo | June 18, 2008, 2:18 pm
  24. WHy didnt tracy mention her rape in her lawsuit? Seems like she made it up after te fact to compete with Jones, who she obviously has issues with. WHat a nut case. and who cares who reported it first. Barker family seems to like to blog everywhere and trash jones

    Posted by Nitro | July 4, 2008, 1:55 pm
  25. As a former KBR female employee, the way KBR handled this does not surprise me. I was physically assaulted by a co-worker at work. And it was totally disregarded by HR.

    I came across your blog when I was doing a KBR 2008 recap of their crimes. I linked to this post.

    I would love to exchange links with you.

    Ms Sparky

    Posted by Ms Sparky | January 2, 2009, 2:47 pm
  26. I know this is late, but I too know what she has suffered. I remember her going through some of this and yes, some of this happened to me, but this type of stuff happens and one becomes paralyzed regarding this. I applaud her for the courage to speak when most of us couldn’t or wouldn’t.

    Posted by rabbit cass | November 15, 2012, 7:52 am
  27. i knew tracy, i was there and it was real. I went before the arbitrators and they determined me a hostile witness for the plaintiff. It was the ohter way around, but I felt so bad for her. In the end, I concurred her statements and when asked why I didn’t report my harassment, I explained that what they did to Tracy told me enough. I was on my own survival and trying to get out o there as fast as i could. KBR condoned the behavior and overlooked a lot of corruption and racket in that hell hole.

    Posted by Barbara | March 16, 2015, 10:00 pm


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