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Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Firing One Warning Shot in an Effort to Scare Abusive Husband Away

Saying he had no discretion under state law, a judge sentenced a Jacksonville, Florida, woman to 20 years in prison Friday for firing a warning shot in an effort to scare off her abusive husband. …

Alexander said she was attempting to flee her husband, Rico Gray, on August 1, 2010, when she picked up a handgun and fired a shot into a wall.

She said her husband had read cell phone text messages that she had written to her ex-husband, got angry and tried to strangle her.

She said she escaped and ran to the garage, intending to drive away. But, she said, she forgot her keys, so she picked up her gun and went back into the house. She said her husband threatened to kill her, so she fired one shot.

“I believe when he threatened to kill me, that’s what he was absolutely going to do,” she said. “That’s what he intended to do. Had I not discharged my weapon at that point, I would not be here.”


And what kind of a guy was Rico Gray, the husband?  He is seven inches taller than Marissa Gray and 100 pounds heavier.  His battering sent Marissa Gray to the hospital. She had a restraining order against him.  He told her if she ever cheated on him, he’d kill her, and that if he couldn’t have her nobody could.  He’s the kind of guy who makes statements like this, under oath, on the record:

‘I got five baby mammas, and I put my hands on every last one of them except for one,” Rico Gray confessed during a November 2010 deposition. “The way I was with women . . . they had to walk on eggshells around me.” He recalled punching women in the face, shoving them, choking them and tossing them out the door.




3 thoughts on “Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Firing One Warning Shot in an Effort to Scare Abusive Husband Away

  1. Thanks for this post.

    Are women not allowed to defend ourselves?

    I also wonder how many women will think twice before fighting back because of the outcome of this case.

    Posted by Cheryl | June 25, 2012, 2:34 pm
  2. I am So glad you posted this, Thank You, and she isn’t the Only one…the numbers of women rotting in prison for the exact same thing, would SHOCK most. Only CA has some form [though rarely enforced] of Battered Women’s Syndrome, the legal process [abusers] have made sure–that Females do NOT have ANY RIGHTS, WHATSOEVER, TO SELF DEFENSE, PERIOD.

    In fact, a woman will do More time [if not in prison then by being brain damaged in Mental Health] for hoarding cats–than a man will do for murdering/beating a woman, FACT.

    What is disgusting about this sorry fact is that it’s not just male DAs who bring up these charges with a hate against women–there are female DAs who do the same thing and in fact, many are worse than the males. [chalk it up to being one of de boys–but I don’t care, it’s elitism, it’s cruelty and I have no sympathy for these murdering DAs].

    In Michigan, a woman, who yes had a drug problem and who Wouldn’t in her situation, the abuse by her Nigel was horrid–was sentenced to 16 to 20 years, Why? because while held Hostage and being beaten near to death, ole drugged up violent Nigel beat her child to death–and reason She was charged [and will serve more time than the murdering man] is that,

    get this, though she had Two black eyes, busted up mouth, busted jaw, among other things, she simply wasn’t Beaten to death–and couldn’t save the boy.

    So the male DA made sure–and he said so, pretty much, to make sure she hung, and he flat out said, “she didn’t Do enough”,

    translation, ‘the bitch didn’t die’

    yep, that’s our Misogynist pro-Porn legal system for ya….

    there is video of her, I mean, you have to be cold blooded, to go after a woman that beaten up, no matter HOW many drugs she was on, she was beaten up laying on the boy trying to save him, but NOPE, not good enough, for this woman hating DA.

    That was very recent too–anyway, Yes, women do NOT fight back because IF you do, you can be ASSURED, you will be sentenced to a Much longer prison time than Any man would be, for murdering a female-this is FACT.

    Even with Battered Women Syndrome, the Proof that it takes–to even get that, in courts, in CA [only state] is so rigid, it’s near impossible. And this is one of those dirty little secrets that most women do not know–until it’s too late.


    Posted by Jane | July 2, 2012, 3:14 pm
  3. The case, in Michigan, was Corrine Baker. Here is first interview, of her story here, from You Tube, in it you can Clearly see the blackened eyes, etc. First, the video address:

    I first heard of this from Mother’s Political Party, and did some reading up on. What is horrid about this case, well obviously the murder-death of this little boy, and in no way does this response justify or is intending to make light of that horror, just to note. But along with that, what is so horrid about this case, [and those like it] is that Clearly, there is Evidence that she herself was a hostage-victim. This was not a case of a woman that simply was completely detached, cruel or did not care…in the interviews it’s evident that this woman had a long history of abuse from this man, and I would say, a situation where he had very much control over her through Fear via terrorism.

    One of the things the DA did say was that during the hours this little boy was tortured she went back and forth within the apartment complex. But nethertheless, this woman, obviously was in Fear, a state that was NOT normal, mentally, emotionally or even physically [due to drugs/terror], and that’s what is so bothersome about this case,

    is the vengeance and hatred spewing from this DAs mouth in regards to this mother-woman. One, there is the drug prejudice, because the attitude among the ‘elites’ [who Also do drugs and drink like no other] is that poor trash that do drugs deserve all they get–Never mind that those drugs are peddled through years of gov.,corruption, military, etc., and never mind that psycho-drugs are worse…and basically the Same exact thing. [Evidence of this, teens routinely abuse prescription drugs, in fact they are the hottest things to buy on the street-because of their ease in availability and the ‘high’ they give, percocet is one of these drugs, they shoot it up] but anyway…

    so there is a Prejudice, via the War On Drugs [include with that, the mandatory sentencing that is far harsher on Females than men, for drugs, using women/mules as a means of targeting yet at the same time Protecting the Male Drug Market–Why is that, because the DRUG market-Cartel is Also the Porn-Trafficking/Sex slavery and ARMS cartels–that Government and Military is All about, so they crucify females to protect the menz while making mega bucks]. But there is a Prejudice, as well as Racism that is all about the drug war, it’s a Faux Moral Ruse to commit a legal ‘segregation/ethnic cleansing’ of neighborhoods, particularly those that are developing for the mega corporate Mall beige utopia districts.

    The Case, this video, clearly shows that during the first strike, that the mother, Corrine was beaten and had chunks of her hair pulled out, they say right in video they ‘had the hair’, this was Clearly a case where the mother was Just as much in danger as the boy.

    This is NOT the only case where a Man has beaten-tortured a child for peeing, or not being able to control their bowels, etc., on the Dastardly Dads site, there are cases like this every other month, for this reason. It seems that men have real issues with being expected or asked to ‘change a diaper’ or ‘clean up urine’ yet these Same men insist on their Parental Rights/Entitlements.

    What is IMPORTANT for all reading this to grasp, is that, Here you have a case where the Mother was charged and sentenced to a very long prison sentence, NOT for beating or assisting in the beating of her son, but for Failure to Protect.

    In the above case, of Alexander, she was sentenced for PROTECTING herself, IF there had been a child involved, it would NOT have mattered, she Still would have been sentenced. Every day in our nation, women are sentenced to prison terms for Protection children from abuse–OR they are penalized by the VERY SAME COURTS, who turn right around and accuse them of PAS, and court order children to be sent Back to the abuser,

    thousands of these children wind up dead. And the COURTS are not held accountable because of Immunity. One of the Easiest solutions To this problem, where the COURTS are concerned, in nipping this corruption in the bud is Changing Immunity Laws, meaning, judges, DAs, CPS, Psychologists/Psychiatrists, etc., who knowingly after having seen documents of abuse, testimonies from children, who then order those to be returned to abuse OR who accuse women of PAS, should be held liable as ACCESSORIES to FELONY ASSAULTS, SEXUAL ASSAULTS, MURDER, when these same children-women are harmed as a result of their blatant and willful negligence and/or indifference.

    That is THE main problem right there, as far as the Courts are concerned, is that there IS no liability, no accountability, they make Profit [esp family courts/pedo wank /porn supportive lawyers [the Frat Boys Rule] and the whole psyche pimps] off of the rapes-deaths and violence these women and children are forced to endure,

    Then on top of that, they Sentence Women for Protecting, and for NOT Protecting, either way, they are making profit off of abusing and terrorizing females and children, and it is a total Court Racket Cartel. The Prison Industrial Complex also, via private and state, makes Profit off of the Enslavement and Sexual Abuse/ of these women/juveniles — for example, women in Prison are forced to sew Victoria Secret Panties, for something like 23 cents an hour…some ludicrous amount–so Here, you have women, mostly non-violent drug charges, being forced to sew panties for the corporation Victoria’s Secret so that Men can rape in prison and then have their ‘little angel sex pets’ at home,

    that’s some evil crap right there. And many of these women have physical disabilities, one case, an African American woman, middle aged, had diabetes, her foot swelled up, they made her work and even though she was in awful pain/and foot was gang-green, they didn’t care–no medical care, etc., she lost her foot.

    They lose their feet so that some other female can wear pink lacy panties, I mean–yea it’s just head turning like the Exorcist scene infuriating. There is this belief that the Court System works–legal process, but in actuality it’s a Horror Show, it’s more like the Court of Death Hallows for Females. [non-white men and poor white men also are in this nightmare, and it is yes, deliberate structure, no doubt, but there is very little if Any coverage of the industry’s death machine and it’s role in Re-enforcing Patriarchal Mind Binding Prisons that effect All us women]. Women are far more likely to be abused Through the Legal Process, and in ways far worse…and that includes the thousands of women who are Victims, and Victim-Defendants.

    We don’t even scratch the surface of revolt against Patriarchy if we do not confront the onslaught death machine of the Prison-Legal Abuses in the courts and jail infrastructure [mental health included in that], because that IS where one of THE if NOT THE Heart of the blood strength, of it all lies, policies and Witch Hunt Torture Rooms of the Secret Priests. For far too long, feminists have walked around or skimmed [generally speaking that is] this area of women’s rights, we have bought the LIES of the social patriarchal mind illusions, and we need to begin to Spin, Spook and Spark a Fire through the entire Labyrinth and knock it clear off it’s knees.


    Posted by Jane | July 3, 2012, 10:43 am

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