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Coming Back

I’ve decided to return to blogging after a long rest.  I hope eventually to restore all of my post-2008 posts as well as the pre-2008 posts I’ve already restored.

The death of my 25-year-old daughter in 2010 changed many things for me.  For  a while I thought I’d let my blogs and internet presence, in general, go, so I let my domain name lapse  and stopped paying my webhost, who finally deleted my blog.  I had backed up my web pages, but on hard drives I’m not using anymore because the computers to which they were connected are broken. I hope to get these hard drives installed on another desktop computer at some point so that I can restore all of my more recent posts.  I will also be mapping my old domain to this blog, so that will soon be my address again.

I’ve missed blogging.  Love and peace to all.




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