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Environmental Toxins, Chemicals in Food Packaging, Non-Stick Cookware Steeply Damage Immune System, Inhibit Effectiveness of DPT and Other Vaccines

Children who had levels of major PFCs that were twice as high in their blood at age 7 as their peers also had half the antibody concentrations for tetanus and diphtheria compared with the other children, a study reported by the most recent Journal of the American Medical Association has found. Those with the most exposure to PFCs by age 5 were significantly more likely to have insufficient protective antibody levels two years later, researchers found.


“The negative impact on childhood vaccinations from PFCs should be viewed as a potential threat to public health,” said study lead author Philippe Grandjean with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Grandjean appeared alarmed because routine childhood immunizations “are a mainstay of modern disease prevention.”

Researchers “were surprised by the steep negative associations, which suggest that PFCs may be more toxic to the immune system than current dioxin exposures,” said Grandjean.

This is not news to many of us.  Immunizations may have been viewed as a “mainstay of modern disease prevention,” but some of us — mothers in particular – have known better for a very long time.



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