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Women's Bodies


“She is in the the place of death and of new life lying dormant, the point of  necessary destruction and of healing. She confronts the rage and fury left unexpressed for decades while she tried to please. She demands reverence and respect. Her eye of death sees what she has not wanted to see and those parts of herself from which she has split. All life stands still. She feels naked and exposed. She bears no fruit, no product. She realizes the extent to which she has sacrificed herself pleasing others and is no longer willing to do things the old way. She ruthlessly cuts away people and situations that do not support who she has become, including lovers who are unable or unwilling to see or be concerned about her plight. She is fully human now. She ends the pattern of scapegoating by choosing to confront darkness herself. She blames no one.” — A rewriting of portions of The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock



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