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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Crime Watch

This site is a great idea and long overdue. (H/t ShareInc. Domestic Violence news.) Quoting from the site:

  • Domestic violence is lethal and there are fatalities every day.
  • Domestic violence fatalities happen in rural and urban areas and to all age groups.
  • Ending a relationship with a perpetrator of domestic violence does not ensure the safety of the victim. Women are often in more danger at the time and after they leave.
  • Newspaper and television reports that label events surrounding these fatalities as “domestic disputes” undermine the seriousness of domestic violence and blame the victim.
  • News stories about homicide/ suicide events are often written as if both parties are victims and blame the victim. (“Couple found dead,” and “Victims of Murder/Suicide Identified,” for example.)
  • In the majority of cases, the perpetrator is a man and the victim is a woman.

Domestic Violence Watch



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