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Woman Farmer Wednesdays: Gene Logsdon on the Erasure of Women Farmers

Gene Logsdon is a long-time writerly-farmerly hero of mine.  Decades ago I bought, devoured, and re-devoured his wonderful books, Homesteading:  How to Find New Independence on the Land, Two-Acre Eden and Gene Logsdon’s Practical Skills.   I still have the books and they still inspire me.  He’s written many books since on the practice, the science and the art of farming and agriculture.  From a recent (kickass) post on his Contrary Farmer blog:

“The most obvious and promising sign of the new agriculture is the leadership that women are taking in the movement.  Women have always played the key role in farming but at least in the last two centuries in America, they have rarely gotten credit for it. Farming is a man’s world, American culture wants to believe, and, as is true of all culturally-treasured myths, no amount of plain everyday evidence to the contrary matters..

Farm Journal felt the best way to handle the situation was to have a Farmer’s Wife section to appeal to the women with recipes and folksy charm about farm life. The real hardcore business of farming went in the front of the magazine. Amazingly, no one seemed to see the dreadful prejudice on display. I asked one time what would happen if we put a section in the back of the magazine designated as The Farmer’s Husband. All the men editors laughed, thinking that as usual I was making jokes. The women editors did not laugh.” 




One thought on “Woman Farmer Wednesdays: Gene Logsdon on the Erasure of Women Farmers

  1. You could find even a joke there saying: “I will give more freedom to my wife, I will make the kitchen bigger …”

    Posted by Dugutigui | February 23, 2012, 12:14 pm

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