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Syrian Blogger Razan Ghazzawi (Razaniyyat – رزانيّــــات) Arrested

I am one of those people who are against including children in protests at times of revolutions, children should stay home, especially in cities like Homs and Idleb. But the children martyred last night in Karm El-Zeitoun were home, and that did not protect them, it rather killed them. Yesterday regime army bombed the neighborhood of Karm El- Zeitoun in the city of Homs and destroyed several buildings, two whole streets were evacuated, and 27 civilians killed, many were injured…

The names of children killed by the regime in Karm El-Zeitoun Massacre 26-1-2012 are:

1-Waed Hamsho
2-Sana’ Akrah
3-Najem Akrah
4-Samira Bahader
5-Sidra Bahader
6-Abdel Ghani Bahader
7-Kinana Akara
8-Ali Akrah

The above is an excerpt from iconic Syrian Blogger Razan Ghazzawi‘s February 13 blog post.  Ghazzawi, who was born in the United States, has been blogging courageously under her own name since 2009 and has been arrested in the past.  As of today she has been arrested again, for what she’s been writing, along with human rights activist Mazen Darwish, who heads the Syrian Center for Media and Free Expression.  Women bloggers put human, human faces on the horror of war.  There were not just “eight children killed” in “fighting in Syria.”  The children whose names are written here were killed by the Syrian regime.  For atrocities like this to end, ever, the dead must have faces and names.

Anyone giving information to international media or international NGOs may be targeted,” said Soazig Dollet, Middle East and North Africa researcher for Reporters Without Borders. She said in the past, arrested Syrian journalists have been interrogated, tortured and kept in solitary confinement. (More here)

Learn about the war in Syria here.




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