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“Using the Chooks (Chickens) to Garden

Australians call chickens “chooks”.  🙂  I’ve tried letting my chickens range in the garden, but I’ve found, like The Witch’s Kitchen blogger has, that they are too destructive.  I haven’t had chickens for a couple of years now, but would love to try the method she describes:

they have a moveable roost, and a water bucket and laying box, and an old kids “shell” pool propped up to provide bit of shelter from heavy rain, and I have a fresh new chook run, complete with a few weeks supply of greens, every month. I throw the chooks the weeds, household scraps, azolla, grass clippings, and any other organic matter I can get my hands on, along with a few bags of horse or cow manure which they scratch through looking for insects and in the process mix nicely with all the other organic matter.

Using the Chooks to Garden.



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