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The Difference Between Being Penetrated for Money and Making Sandwiches at Subway: Nine Deuce Sums It Up

(Trigger warning.)

So, yes, allowing one’s body to be penetrated for money, even if it causes a pleasurable physical sensation, is a greater acquiescence to exploitation than agreeing to make $5 Footlongs for $7 an hour, even though it pays more. Participating in the making of anti-woman propaganda requires far greater emotional, physical, and political compromises on women’s part than any job men do for equivalent pay. The relatively high (for women) wage porn work and prostitution command does not represent our society’s great love for the female form, it signifies the fact that we are willing to pay somewhat dearly to uphold and jack off to misogyny.

Of those men who come here and make the simplistic and dishonest argument that porn isn’t rape because all work requires us to consent to things we wouldn’t do for free, I would like to ask how much your boss would have to pay you to let him fuck you in the ass while you blow his assistant before he, his assistant, and the janitorial staff ejaculate all over your face. Video of the event would, of course, be posted on the internet and would be available to anyone with basic internet search skills until the day you die. I am truly interested in hearing the figures, which are surely more than $1000.

Read the whole thing.



2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Being Penetrated for Money and Making Sandwiches at Subway: Nine Deuce Sums It Up

  1. NineDeuce is brilliant. I encourage every woman to read her blog, especially her anti-porn series.

    Posted by womononajourney | June 1, 2012, 4:10 am
  2. THAT is a very succinct way of putting it, and the truth is many women turn to prostitution cuz regular jobs pay shit, and they don’t feel an easy way out of a financial dilemma, or they’re hooked on drugs and unemployable, or don’t want to settle for shit wages. But nonetheless it’s absolutely degrading in most cases. Turning it on the dude to see how HE would feel if guys(and yes guys, not women) used HIS body in the same way, might knock some damned sense into them…maybe! And he’d probably on a visceral level feel grossed out!

    -In Sisterhood,

    Posted by FeistyAmazon | August 16, 2012, 3:11 pm

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