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2015 Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

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Feminism: A Movement to End Human Suffering

I represent the morbid side of the women’s movement. …Robin Morgan calls it “atrocity work.”  And that’s pretty much what it is. I deal with what happens to women in the normal course of women’s lives all over this planet:  the normal stuff that is abusive, society at large.

…The women’s movement is  like other political movements in one important way.  Every political movement is committed to the belief that there are certain kinds of pain that people should not have to endure.  They are unnecessary.  They are gratuitous.  They are not part of the God-given order.  They are not biologically inevitable.  They are acts of human will.  They are acts done by some human beings to other human beings.

…[The women’s movement] is a movement against human suffering.  There is no way to be a feminist and to forget that.  If you are a feminist, and if you have forgotten that our purpose is to end the suffering of countless unnamed and invisible women from the crimes committed against them — and yes, we may also end the suffering of men who are committing the crimes, yes, we probably think we can — then  your feminism is hollow and it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t count.  This is a movement against suffering.  So in between the lines when you hear people say that this is a movement for freedom, for justice, for equality — and all of that is entirely and deeply true — you must remember that we are trying to eliminate suffering too.  Continue reading

Quiverfull Mom Stands By Trans Partner | Religion Dispatches

An interesting article — in which my worlds collide — about a couple who grew up in the Quiverfull movement, married after parent-supervised courtship, then left the Quiverfull community.  The church had delivered Melissa Reyenga’s partner an ultimatum:  stop acting like a woman or leave the church.  So they left the church and Reyenga’s spouse outed herself as a trans woman.


My Quiverfull blog is here.

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