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2015 Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

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“A Letter to Radical Feminists” — Rebecca Mott

Dear Sisters –

I write this from a place of love, and a desire for the prostituted to fully seen and known by radical feminism. This is not so for now.

Let me say loud and clear, the vast majority of radical feminists either through experience or from their hearts are completely behind abolition of prostitution, and fully back the Nordic Approach.

That is fabulous, and I deeply proud to be with and by you.

What saddened me, is that are words and language is used sometimes with no credit, or even in the worse scenarios – our language is re-claimed or stolen. and made that out it all thought of by non-prostituted women.

We are mined for our experiences and ways of seeing the wider picture – but rarely are we allowed leadership roles in the battle against the sex trade.

This keeps us as sub-humans – we are used as examples, we are made pets, we are kept as “victims” who must be spoken over.

This is hard to say – for like most exited women I am a radical feminist, it was the only real route to finding freedom for most of us.

But daily, there are small parts of radical feminism that betrayed the prostituted class.

Read the entire post here at Rebecca’s place.  Just excellent.  Rock on, sister, deep respect.

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